Remembering Jack Angel…

This fun picture was taken by yours truly of Jack Angel and Morgan Lofting.

I haven’t blogged on this site in ages, life has just kept me busy… Today though it was a must as I reflect and remember a great talent, Jack Angel. So many of my childhood memories surround this talented man, I can’t help but shed tears remembering the first time he and I spoke. I met him only once in person, but I had the opportunity of knowing him for many years through emails and online interactions. The great Wally Burr introduce me to Jack, something I’ll always remember.

For those that worked with Jack Angel personally, and to Jack’s family, I send nothing but love. The world has lost an amazing talent today, and it’s heartbreaking.

postYours truly surrounded by an amazing group of actors, Jack Angel was included in this amazing shot. Photo above includes: Neil Ross, Dan Gilvezan, Michael Bell, Jack Angel, Myself, Michael Horton, and  Alan Oppenheimer.
Jack was also good friends with Arthur Burghardt. I was lucky to get another photo with both actors, along with Arthur’s daughter.

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