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Cybertronic Spree Returns To Retro Con!

spree-press-photo-2018rcb (1)

Cybertronic Spree returns to Retro Con! If you missed the concert last year, don’t miss out on the fun this year! Follow Retro Con 2018 on Facebook, and purchase your Tickets at

What you may have missed last year!








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Transformer T-Shirts for Charity! 


I’m a huge fan of charities, and I’m a huge fan of Michael Bell‘s charity projects! [Micheal Bell was the original voice of Autobot Prowl!] His recent charity project centers on Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary! To do my part, I’ve designed three Transformer related t-shirts to help raise money! 

Show your support and purchase one of these fun t-shirts! All sizes are available in unsex t-shirt, woman’s t-shirt, or youth! The first is Prowl’s Kitties!

Prowltshirt copy

For you Decepticon fans, purchase this Megatron t-shirt! All of three t-shirts will have a selection of colors: white, black, and charcoal!

Megtshirt copy


My personal favorite, is this female Ratchet! If these t-shirts go well, I’ll design more!

RatchT copy


For you Retro Fans! Have I got the convention for you! Retro Con 2018! For more information go to!

Transforming Our World Through Art! 

Shockwave Shopifi Site copy

In 1995, I picked up my first boxed Shockwave.. I was a huge fan of the art, and was thrilled to have this boxed Decepticon as part of my collection! Back then though, I never thought I’d meet the original artist behind that art. I can say I have now, and it’s both an honor and a thrill, to spotlight this talented man and his product! 

Huffer Hi Rez copy

Tony’s a huge fan of Huffer, so he had to be near the top too!

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Prehistoric Bots!


Childhood dreams are made of these.. I’ve always been this huge fan of the prehistoric period, and the dinosaurs that had once roamed the earth! So upon my introduction to Transformers in early 1985, I fell in love with the Dinobots almost immediately! War of the Dinobots, became a regular in our house, after the VHS was released.

All the characters on [The Transformers] were brilliant of course, but these Giant Dinos were fascinating! No one dared mess with Grimlock and his Dinobots, that is unless you wanted to become scrap metal?!


Recently posing with the remains of a Triceratops!

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Remembering A Voice Actor Reunion!


I’m sharing a fond memory from four years ago! Wally Burr was the man that originally planned this reunion. He called me many nights, going over whom would be interested in attending. For me it was an amazing experience, working with a man I considered to be a legend! Micheal Bell, Neil Ross and Wally Burr were the three main men that made the reunion possible, I just had the wonderful opportunity of helping to host it! It was an amazing time, something I’ll never forget! I’ve been so blessed to have known and still chat with such amazing talents! [The photo above comes from that week; Corey Burton invited us into the Studios to watch him record an episode of The Neverland Pirates! Then he signed some charity pieces!]

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Transforming Art!



Who better to head this blog, then Optimus Prime himself!

Transforming Art into something amazing! Spotlighting another brilliant artist! Terry Huddleston does more then just Transformers of course, but I’ve always leaned more towards those Bots and Cons! To see more, follow Terry at:


Followed by the leader of the Decepticons!

If you’re a Transformers fan.. I’m sure you’ll know each of the following characters by name! Again brilliant art Terry Huddleston and thanks for sharing!

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