Nick helping to promote Retro Con, during a local convention! 


Name: Nick Govosdian

How many Retro Cons have I attended? Every one, first one I was a volunteer and just grew to what I do for the show now.

The BEST part about Retro Con: Seeing everyone of our friends that we don’t see throughout the year.

Costumes: Unfortunately none right now, but I do have a Ghostbuster uniform I would like to premiere at this year’s Retro Con a long with my very own version of an Ecto 1.

What have I bought at Retro Con: What haven’t I bought would be a shorter list, I’ve had some great finds there.

Favorite Retro Con Memory: I get to pick up most of the guests from the airport, so it’s a pleasure to speak to them candidly without the hustle and bustle of the show on the ride back from the airport. Having some of the most iconic voice actors and actors in your van, still blows my mind hearing some of their stories.

Favorite Retro Con Panel: Unfortunately I’m behind the scenes and don’t get to take in all the extra stuff as I’m running around doing things. But I was able to catch the million dollar man panel. Such a great guy.

Where you can find me? Facebook and at many of the shows we travel to as a group.


Nick with some of his Retro Con Family!!




For you Retro Fans! Have I got the convention for you! Retro Con 2018! For more information go to!

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