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Growing Up G1… Flintstone, You’re Fired!


A photo of myself with John Stephenson, during Botcon 2001.

These Transformer memories are going to be so random, and I blame that partly on these old photos I’ve been going through… Going through the 2001 photos, I’m reminded not only of the first convention Tony and I attended as a couple but also of the first time we met Michael Bell and Gregg Berger! It’s also a reminder of the first time we met John Stephenson, who was the voice of Huffer, Thundercracker and Kup in the G1 series!


The actor panel that year, from left to right: Micheal Bell, Gregg Berger, and John Stephenson.

Voice over wise John was very active with Hanna-Barbera, and was the voice of Mr. Slate in the Flintstones! So upon meeting him during that, Botcon opening dinner, I started our conversation with the Flintstones. I was positive he would remember, Mr. Slate, and he did! Quoting Mr. Slate’s famous line, “Flintstone, you’re fired!” he smiled.

John had such a sweet personality, and I think he appreciated my mentioning the Flintstones! But soon we shifted towards Transformers, from which he admitted, he hadn’t remembered much about the characters. So Tony and I filled him in a little bit on his character Huffer. Telling John about the whiny character, saying such things as… ‘It’ll never work. Big waste of time.’ Well, he picked right up on it, and then the following day he mentioned us in the convention panel, which was thrilling!


Tony with John, during the dinner.

During that weekend we did get his autograph on items, but I don’t think we really talk to him too much after that.




I do have one other memory in regards to John Stephenson from 2012… I had a bunch of fans sign posters to give as gifts to our favorite talents, in the Transformers universe. Stephenson had already fallen ill, but I had spoken with Don Pitts, a wonderful man, that used to call me a Teeny Bopper, and he helped me to connect with Jean, John’s wife. I was able to send Jean that poster, and although John couldn’t remember Transformers by then, he loved the gift, and he loved the fan appreciation. 


It was an honor to know him just a few days, and he will never be forgotten.


I’ll have to share more memories soon! Lots of love for these amazing talents always! And if you’re going to TFCON LA, you’ll have a chance to meet some amazing G1 Talents!


Note to my fellow fans and bloggers: I’ve been extremely busy of late, I know I’m always busy! So many things I want to do and never enough time to do it! But I’m still that loyal Blogger, and I still have so many things to share!


And for those that know of this Blogger’s Retro Convention… I’m doing it again next year!

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Remembering the Bandit: Burt Reynolds


Another Childhood hero gone, but not forgotten. Because Smokey and the Bandit was always a favorite of mine, I thought I’d remember Burt Reynolds in my own way. Sharing some photos and video clips.

Although I never met this talented actor, I’m going to miss him dearly, he was a huge part of my childhood.



Remembering Reynolds in Cannonball Run..



And in ‘Best Little Whorehouse In Texas’..




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Remembering Chuck McCann


A third-generation performer and the son of a singing band leader, Chuck McCann was already a show business veteran by age eleven. Born in Brooklyn, he began his career as a child actor on radio, and by the age of nineteen had appeared on The Steve Allen Show. My personal memories of Chuck McCann center mainly on [Far Out Space Nuts] by Sid and Marty Krofft, one of my favorite shows as a kid. But I also have a more personal memory of Chuck, as he once met myself and many others during a charity meet up California.


Being a huge [Little House and the Prairie] fan, I also remember McCann as Tinker Jones.

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