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Spotlighting a favorite writer! I’m not sure on how to contact this brilliant writer, but she’s always been a personal favorite Transformer wise! She takes us behind the visor, sharing Jazz’s personal experiences on Earth. From the mid eighties, on through 2005. We see how the Autobots face trauma and change. Jazz art by by Thuddleston!

Find this Brilliant writer on Lexicon at Jazzbot. Jazzbot originally published these stories in 2003, showing why it’s so difficult to find the writer.


We Are Who We Are by JazzBot

Optimus Prime and Prowl put Jazz in charge of a group of Autobots, but is Jazz up to the task of leadership?


Behind The Visor by JazzBot

There’s more to Jazz than the happy-go-lucky ‘Bot we see on the surface. Sometimes, the happiest of Autobots can feel the deepest emotions.


Moving On by JazzBot

In the closing chapter of the Trilogy, Jazz and some of the surviving Autobots deal with the consequences of the 2005 attack at Autobot City and the Battle with Unicron.



Another story by Jazzbot! This time involving some brotherly love and some differences between the Autobot twins!


Sunshine And Roses by JazzBot

Sideswipe learns the hard way, the meaning of the phrase “Be careful what you wish for…”.


More Stories Soon!!



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