Spectra.. Lacy.. Spacy.. And out of this world!

SandSparks copy

Meet the spectacular Spectra from Shimmeron and her exciting friends. They’re beautiful fashion dolls from outer space with shiny bodies, shimmery hair, dazzling fashions and sparkly make-up! And their astro-accessories combine beauty and fantasy, giving girls exciting fashion play with space magic!

Spectra …lacy … spacy … and out of this world!

[From my Retro Blog Archives, I share a personal favorite! I was first introduced to this doll line, through my sister Bonnie, I blame her for most of my doll related memories! Spectra and Spark pictured above!]


Mattel released the Spectra line in late 1986, a year and a half after the debut of Hasbro’s Jem line, fully expecting to capitalize on Jem’s popularity. By this time however, Jem had already peaked and was falling out of favor. Spectra was not greeted with great enthusiasm by the consumers, and never came close to Mattel’s expectations.


A photo from a Spectra collector’s booklet!


With multi-jointed metallic colored bodies and ultra-stylized makeup, Spectra was an extreme departure from the familiar Mattel 11 ½” doll. Perhaps a little too extreme for the target age. Mattel had released Astronaut Barbie with a line of space fashions in 1985/1986. Had the space travel rage already run its course for the era? Whatever the reason, the Spectra line ran less than a year before it went out of production. This line has always been one of my favorites!

SandS copy

Spectra and her friends, of which there were five, were called Shimmerons after the planet they came from (Shimmeron). Each one came fully dressed and also included a comb. [Photo above, shows a boxed Spectra and Spark!]

Doll’s in their original boxes





AG copy



UV copy


Tom Comet

TomC copy



SkyBlue copy


Spectra Fashions

Like many retro doll’s Spectra had her own fashions [Just a few you would have seen]!

pd copy

sunsuit copy

QS copy


The back of the doll boxes!

bb copy



There was one play-set produced the [Buffatron]

Buff copy

Spectra Doll Commercial



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