Five of my favorite She-Ra figures!

Talk about tough choices! I have so many favorites in this toy line, picking just a few was difficult! But it’ll give me more for later! Blinky our cat, becoming a prop piece for my Frosta figure!

The first on my list, the one I had to have upon starting my collection, was Frosta! Maybe it’s because I’ve always loved the color blue, or maybe it was her design in general.. But she’s always been a personal favorite! I have Frosta loose complete and on card, as shown here!

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A Barbie Dilemma!


I don’t know to much about Barbies, only that I find some of them interesting. I have a Cowgirl Barbie from 1981 and a Barbie in the Rockers doll from the mid eighties. But I don’t have much them.. So when I found this one, I was at a complete loss as to what year she actually came out? She’s designed after the 1959 Barbie, but I’m pretty sure she’s a re-issue of that doll, since she doesn’t have holes in her feet. But what year is she? She looks nothing like the 1994 re-release of the doll, her eyebrows are different, her Barbie stamp is on her butt, instead of her back too! Any information on her would be great! No matter what, she’ll look great in my collection 😀

Photo’s of my doll


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Prehistoric Bots!


Childhood dreams are made of these.. I’ve always been this huge fan of the prehistoric period, and the dinosaurs that had once roamed the earth! So upon my introduction to Transformers in early 1985, I fell in love with the Dinobots almost immediately! War of the Dinobots, became a regular in our house, after the VHS was released.

All the characters on [The Transformers] were brilliant of course, but these Giant Dinos were fascinating! No one dared mess with Grimlock and his Dinobots, that is unless you wanted to become scrap metal?!


Recently posing with the remains of a Triceratops!

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