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A G1 Reunion

post.jpgSurrounded by some of the most talented men I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing! Above from left to right: Neil Ross, Dan Gilvezan, Michael Bell, Jack Angel, Myself, Michael Horton, and Alan Oppenheimer!

[On a personal note… I noticed hours after this photo was taken, that I was laughing during this photo, something was said and it just set off the giggles! What it shows though is just how happy I truly was! Again a big thanks to all these men, I adore you all! Also lots of love to my friend Krissy, the founder of voice-chasers for taking this amazing picture!]

vap9Starting things off I send A BIG THANKS to Chris and Nery of [Celebworx] for offering me this chance to be a part of an AMAZING G1 Reunion! Also Lots of Love to my friend, Denise, to whom I claim as yet another sister, I wouldn’t have made the trip without her! [Above: Michael Bell, Myself and Chris!]

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Neil Ross Podcast Update!


My schedule never seems to slow down, so this is a bit delayed in announcing, but, Neil Ross has two new podcasts, and in both, he’s been talking about his book Vocal Recall, which I’m just starting to reread! [Photo above: Neil Ross, Myself and Gregg Berger during a charity party Wally Burr and I put together.]


An insight into an amazing book… The book begins on March 23rd, 2003, just before the start of the 75th Annual Academy Awards from which Neil Ross was the co-announcer. In that first chapter, he reflects on his life, and how he got to this point. That first chapter is a foreshadowing of an amazing book!

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Growing Up G1… Flintstone, You’re Fired!


A photo of myself with John Stephenson, during Botcon 2001.

These Transformer memories are going to be so random, and I blame that partly on these old photos I’ve been going through… Going through the 2001 photos, I’m reminded not only of the first convention Tony and I attended as a couple but also of the first time we met Michael Bell and Gregg Berger! It’s also a reminder of the first time we met John Stephenson, who was the voice of Huffer, Thundercracker and Kup in the G1 series!


The actor panel that year, from left to right: Micheal Bell, Gregg Berger, and John Stephenson.

Voice over wise John was very active with Hanna-Barbera, and was the voice of Mr. Slate in the Flintstones! So upon meeting him during that, Botcon opening dinner, I started our conversation with the Flintstones. I was positive he would remember, Mr. Slate, and he did! Quoting Mr. Slate’s famous line, “Flintstone, you’re fired!” he smiled.

John had such a sweet personality, and I think he appreciated my mentioning the Flintstones! But soon we shifted towards Transformers, from which he admitted, he hadn’t remembered much about the characters. So Tony and I filled him in a little bit on his character Huffer. Telling John about the whiny character, saying such things as… ‘It’ll never work. Big waste of time.’ Well, he picked right up on it, and then the following day he mentioned us in the convention panel, which was thrilling!


Tony with John, during the dinner.

During that weekend we did get his autograph on items, but I don’t think we really talk to him too much after that.




I do have one other memory in regards to John Stephenson from 2012… I had a bunch of fans sign posters to give as gifts to our favorite talents, in the Transformers universe. Stephenson had already fallen ill, but I had spoken with Don Pitts, a wonderful man, that used to call me a Teeny Bopper, and he helped me to connect with Jean, John’s wife. I was able to send Jean that poster, and although John couldn’t remember Transformers by then, he loved the gift, and he loved the fan appreciation. 


It was an honor to know him just a few days, and he will never be forgotten.


I’ll have to share more memories soon! Lots of love for these amazing talents always! And if you’re going to TFCON LA, you’ll have a chance to meet some amazing G1 Talents!


Note to my fellow fans and bloggers: I’ve been extremely busy of late, I know I’m always busy! So many things I want to do and never enough time to do it! But I’m still that loyal Blogger, and I still have so many things to share!


And for those that know of this Blogger’s Retro Convention… I’m doing it again next year!

The Date Has Been Announced For Retro Con 2019!! Hope to see you there!



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Charlie Adler a G1 Original Favorite!

Charlie_AdlerHaving recently watched the creation of the Aerialbots, I’ve been watching Season 2 Transformers of late, I can say Silverbolt is defiantly one of my favorites! But it’s not the only voiced character by Adler… The man has talent! Enjoy the video below, and enjoy this Retro Spotlight from my original site, honoring this amazing talent! 

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Frank Welker… Voice Actor Extraordinaire!


Peter Cullen, Frank Welker

I love this photo above, of Frank Welker & Peter Cullen from Hascon, Frank, of course, was Megatron in the 80’s Transformers cartoon, and Peter was Optimus Prime! Both are still very active in the Transformers community, but, I myself, am more of a G1 fan!

Editor’s Note: As Thanksgiving nears, and many of us are running about getting ready for the holidays, I thought I’d spotlight one of my favorite talents! I’ve only met Frank once, and that was during a Botcon convention… But I did get to talk to him a little as I sat in a green room, Sue Blu and  John Moschitta, Jr. At one point he barked like a dog, and I thought it was Sue’s dog. I also interviewed Frank several years back for a magazine, and he wrote me back making me an honorary Decepticon.


Frank began his professional career as a comic in 1967 and went on to open for such musical acts as The Righteous Brothers… Sonny and Cher, and Diana Ross. He made his acting debut in the Elvis Presley film, Trouble With Girls. Welker was a regular in Knott’s weekly television series and later co-starred in the television series Laugh Trax with Howie Mandel and Jim Staahl. I also remember his appearing in ‘The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes’ one of my favorite Disney movies from 1969!

Then moving onto animation Frank not only was the voice of many of my favorite Transformer characters, but he was a huge part of my childhood as I watched Scooby-Doo and Jabberjaw most every school day! Then Saturday mornings it was..The Real Ghostbusters, from which Frank had a huge role as our favorite green ghost and RayStantz!

Frank has always been well known for his wonderful characters… Including that of the Transformer character’s Megatron and Soundwave!

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Transformers The Movie!


It was a surreal moment, watching Transformers the movie the other day on the big screen, and reliving those childhood memories again. Unlike having my sister Bonnie with me this time though, like I had during the opening weekend in 1986, I was seated beside Tony. Those moments when we watched our favorite characters fall, still had that same impact on me, as it did years ago.


My friend James shared this adorable picture of his son, wearing my Matrix, after the movie Thursday night! 

It’s been thirty years, and the film still has an effect on me, and so I want to honor those great talents that were apart of this film. Starting with the late great Wally Burr, the voice director of the film. It was a thrill to know him and to hear his many stories.

As I list these actors below, I can say it’s been an honor to know many of these wonderful talents as personal friends, and I continue to chat with many of these actors when I’m not engaged in work.


The photo above was taken during the 25th Anniversary of Transformers the movie! [From Left to Right: Wally Burr, Neil Ross, Gregg Berger, Dan Gilvezan, Paul Eiding, and David Mendenhall.]


Watching Corey Burton work in person, years later!



This Blogger and her husband, with Peter Cullen and Paul Eiding!



Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, Ironhide

Judd Nelson as Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime

Robert Stack as Ultra Magnus

Neil Ross as Springer, Slag, Bonecrusher, and Hook

Susan Blu as Arcee

Lionel Stander as Kup

Frank Welker as Wheelie, Megatron, Soundwave, Frenzy, and Rumble

John Moschitta, Jr. as Blurr

Buster Jones as Blaster

Paul Eiding as Perceptor

Gregg Berger as Grimlock

Michael Bell as Swoop, and Scrapper (Prowl was in it, but his voice was never heard)

Scatman Crothers as Jazz

Casey Kasem as Cliffjumper

Dan Gilvezan as Bumblebee

Corey Burton as Brawn, Shockwave, and Spike Witwicky

Leonard Nimoy as Galvatron

Roger C. Carmel as Cyclonus, and Quintesson Leader

Stanley Jones as Scourge

Chris Latta as Starscream

Arthur Burghardt as Devastator

Don Messick as Scavenger (Ratchet was in it, but his voice was never heard)

Jack Angel as Astrotrain, and Ramjet (Jack would voice Ultra Magnus after the movie)

Ed Gilbert as Blitzwing

Clive Revill as Kickback

Hal Rayle as Shrapnel

Orson Welles as Unicron

Eric Idle as Wreck-Gar

David Mendenhall as Daniel Witwicky

Norman Alden as Kranix

Victor Caroli as Narrator




Stan Bush sang the songs The Touch and Dare, each song had an emotional feel to it, for what was happening at the time. Instruments of Destruction was by NRG. Nothin’s Gonna Stand in Our Way and Hunger was performed and sung by Spectre GeneralThe Transformers theme song was performed by LionWeird Al song Dare To Be Stupid when the Junkions attack.

Vince DiCola preformed: Unicron Attacks, Moon Base 2, Shuttle Launch, Space Attack, Fishing, Autobot/Decepticon Battle, Prepare For Extermination, Optimus Prime vs. Megatron, Megatron Departs, I Am Unicron, The Coronation, Moon Base 1 Destroyed, Escape, Closing In, Crash Landing, Twisted Planet, The Wrong Way, Destroy The Matrix, The Trial, Decepticon Attack, Unicron Transforms, The Matrix, Attack On Unicron, Reunited, The Fight Continues, and Legacy.


THE SCRIPT: Story was by Ron Friedman. Flint Dille was the story editor.


Autobot City’s under attack in Transformers the movie, pictured above: HotRod, Arcee, Kup, and Springer.



Now fans can learn the story behind this incredible talent! Neil’s written a book, and I highly recommend it! Purchase a copy HERE! Above is a photo of Neil Ross, Corey Burton, Myself [I should have been wearing a transformer t-shirt at the time!], and Gregg Berger!


Again purchase this amazing book at



Another must BUY BOOK! Learn what it was like to be G1 Bumblebee! Purchase this amazing book at: Bumblebee & Me: Life as a G1 Transformer


PS: The Art on the cover was done by your’s truly!



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