Remembering Chuck McCann


A third-generation performer and the son of a singing band leader, Chuck McCann was already a show business veteran by age eleven. Born in Brooklyn, he began his career as a child actor on radio, and by the age of nineteen had appeared on The Steve Allen Show. My personal memories of Chuck McCann center mainly on [Far Out Space Nuts] by Sid and Marty Krofft, one of my favorite shows as a kid. But I also have a more personal memory of Chuck, as he once met myself and many others during a charity meet up California.


Being a huge [Little House and the Prairie] fan, I also remember McCann as Tinker Jones.

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Barbie & Midge.. My collection grows!


My Barbie collection continues to grow, as my Barbie now has her best friend Midge to keep her company! Both dolls are 55 to 56 years old.. The case and clothes the two girls are displayed with, are also from 1962!


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