Updating Retro!!


Art by Wise Snail Art!

I’ve been slow about posting all weekend. Going to car shows and promoting Retro Con! I still have a few Spotlights I’m working on, hopefully I’ll have those posted by tomorrow! For now though. I’ll share some changes to the site! I’ve updated the main page, sharing more details about yours truly.. But I’ve also updated and added! Collecting – Fan Fiction – Tube Time – The Tunes – Conventions & Fan Art! More goodies to come soon! For those that have followed and contributed to the site, thank you!


A Bounty Hunter ordering his lunch! Darryl as Boba Fett and I believe Vader could have been my friend Frank. This was taken back in 2007!




The Skipper To My Gilligan!

This Spotlight honor’s my dear friend Teri Pope! She also dresses up as The Skipper, whilst I dress up as her Little Buddy Gilligan! We’ve yet to cosplay these two characters together, but we’re always been together in spirit! Teri’s not only a huge fan of Cosplay, she’s also a huge fan of the Autobot character Ironhide! It’s now an honor, to spotlight my dear friend!


(Photo credit on the Tala/Moana one is unknown (random Disney employee. Edit by Trick.)

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Transforming Art!



Who better to head this blog, then Optimus Prime himself!

Transforming Art into something amazing! Spotlighting another brilliant artist! Terry Huddleston does more then just Transformers of course, but I’ve always leaned more towards those Bots and Cons! To see more, follow Terry at: thuddleston.deviantart.com


Followed by the leader of the Decepticons!

If you’re a Transformers fan.. I’m sure you’ll know each of the following characters by name! Again brilliant art Terry Huddleston and thanks for sharing!

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Transforming a Generation! A Shout Out To Jack Angel!


I haven’t spotlighted a favorite talent in a while, and since Jack Angel has always been one of my favorites! He had to be to be a first! If you’ve read his profile on voice chasers, you’ll find he’s worked on everything! He’s a brilliant actor! But I’ve always leaned more towards his Transformer characters.


Jack’s unforgettable as Astrotrain!  “It’s always the same thing. I fly them to points unknown, exhaust all my fuel, and they get to have all the fun.” 

A personal favorite with Astrotrain!

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A Truly Outrageous Fan!


Tamiko dressed and honoring her favorite Autobot, Wheeljack!


Tamiko Rockin’ It Out as Jem!

Keeping up with my Spotlights, I now interview a dear friend, that’s become like a sister to me! Like myself, my friend Tamiko is a huge fan of Jem and the Holograms! She collects these Truly Outrageous dolls, among many other things! Aside from collecting, she has an amazing amount of costumes!

I now share that amazing interview along with pictures!!

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