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A Western Barbie 1980


I’ve shared some fond memories of both Transformers and ThunderCats, but have yet to mention the dolls I remember. So I’ll start with my Western Barbie, I received her around the Christmas of 1980! Dallas was a huge hit during that time period, so she fit right in! She came with a wink, some autographs and some kisses!


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Thundercat Race Set


I’m tempted to write some Childhood Memoirs, starting with this Thundercat race set. Dare me to do it?! (Thundercat Race set box art above). Back during the mid eighties, my parents used to shop at Acme Click, which is now known as Acme. It wasn’t just a grocery store then, it was like Super Walmart; with clothing and toys. So while my parents shopped for things we needed, I would go admire the toys! This Race Set was one of those items.

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J. J. Armes, world’s greatest investigator!


Love those seventies boys toys! This one was based off of a real private investigator/actor! Released by Ideal in 1978, Jay J. Armes had detachable prosthetic attachments, various gadgets, and a Mobile Investigation Unit! 


On a personal note, my J.J. Armes is locked away in my Mego Enterprise!  

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Entertaining Boys & Girls of 1971


I continue this journey down memory lane.. I was to young to remember the Christmas of 1971, but many of these toys I remember from my childhood! Such as Lite -Brite! I also had Legos.. Still do today 🙂 Dressy Bessy was a doll I remember playing with, can’t remember if I owed it. I also remember Frisky Frog, Inchworm and Punch Ball! I believe it was my Uncle Dan and Aunt Martha that got my sister and I our first Spirograph, but that was like in 79!

Enjoy! Games and Boys Toys soon I promise! For you toy collectors Retro Con 2017 is but a month away! 

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