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Restoring Mimi


Updating a doll my mom had during the seventies and eighties! A new outfit, a new stand, a box, new shoes and all of her records return! She also has her hat back!


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Entertaining Boys & Girls of 1971


I continue this journey down memory lane.. I was to young to remember the Christmas of 1971, but many of these toys I remember from my childhood! Such as Lite -Brite! I also had Legos.. Still do today ūüôā Dressy Bessy was a doll I remember playing with, can’t remember if I owed it. I also remember Frisky Frog, Inchworm and Punch Ball! I believe it was my Uncle Dan and Aunt Martha that got my sister and I our first Spirograph, but that was like in 79!

Enjoy! Games and Boys Toys soon I promise! For you toy collectors Retro Con 2017 is but a month away! 

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