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A Lord of the Thundercats chat!


For you Thundercat fans, a fun little interview I had with Larry Kenny, the voice of Lino-O! He spoke of Thundercats and Silverhawks! [This was recorded years ago, but it’s still amazing!]

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Retro Tunes!


 Being a fan of Thundercats, Silverhawks, He-man and Inspector Gadget, I had to spotlight this amazing band GNXIf only this band were closer to Philly PA! Enjoy and follow GNX on Facebook & on YouTube! Thundercat art by Wildstorm comics!


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Thundercat Race Set


I’m tempted to write some Childhood Memoirs, starting with this Thundercat race set. Dare me to do it?! (Thundercat Race set box art above). Back during the mid eighties, my parents used to shop at Acme Click, which is now known as Acme. It wasn’t just a grocery store then, it was like Super Walmart; with clothing and toys. So while my parents shopped for things we needed, I would go admire the toys! This Race Set was one of those items.

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My Favorite ThunderCat Memory!


I’ve been sharing a lot of my favorite Retro Con moments of late. But this, has to be one of my favorite moments! In 2012, we had a Thundercat Reunion! We had three of the original voice actors attend! Larry Kenney [The voice of Lion-o], Peter Newman [The voice of Tygra, my favorite Thundercat. Can you have a crush on a cartoon character? I did!] and Gerrianne Raphael [The voice of Pumyra]! Of course that’s not naming off all of the characters they voiced! But a few of my personal favorites!


My favorite memory! I had dinner with the actors and their families the night before the the show, and at one point Peter had me hide Larry’s dinner plate. Larry was positive it was the waitress, until I started laughing.

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