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Remembering Peter Tork…

Saddened by the news yesterday, of Peter Tork’s passing, I had searched for one of my old autographs, an autograph I had received from the actor/singer years ago. With no luck, I’m sure it’s somewhere buried in a safe place, I picked up one of my classic teen magazines instead, from 1967. It’s a magazine from which the Monkees were interviewed and in Peter’s interview, he talks about politics, and how he would like to get more involved in the political side of things. The interview also mentions his family. So in remembering Peter, I thought I’d share it.

Peter2 copy






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A Mike Nesmith Weekend!


For those that have known me the longest, you probably know I’ve always loved The Monkees! It was a daily thing, coming home from school and watching the show! My uncle Joe once made me a mixed tape, that my Dad and I always sung to. So it was a thrill this weekend to sing ‘Papa Genes Blues’ with Micheal Nesmith, and a crowd of other devoted fans! Photo above by Troubadour! Follow Micheal Nesmith on Video Ranch!

Because I had so much fun, I had to share a couple videos, one from the original show! And one from the concert.

Papa Genes Blues sung on The Monkees!


Pretty much what we saw Saturday, but this was recorded [Live at the Troubadour]!

I also got an autographed album and a t-shirt from the event, along with a very cool fan pin!! I also got the chance to speak with Christian Nesmith a few minutes too, that’s Mike’s eldest son!




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