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The legion of doom.


Meanwhile, back at the legion of doom.. We have a selection of art honoring these wonderful characters! Character’s that brightened our Saturday Mornings! Art again by Thuddleston!

This piece is titled Super Powers Lex Luthor, voiced by Stan Jones! [We’re also honoring the talented actors behind these welled loved characters! Thank you for bringing us so much joy! Vic Perrin who voiced Sinestro, was in the classic episode of Star Trek: Memory Alpha. He was born in 1915. Ted Cassidy who voiced Black Manta, was also Lurch on The Addams Family! Now picture Black Manta approaching Lex Luthor with his famous qoute..”You rang?” A few of these wonderful talents I’ve have the opportunity of knowing and meeting; Marlene Aragon, Micheal Bell & Frank Welker! Such wonderful talents!


A personal favorite Black Manta, voiced by Ted Cassidy!

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