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Going Spaceballs With Mel Brooks!


Tony, Myself and our friend Jack, was invited to a Mel Brooks event yesterday! Dressed up we greeted fans as the arrived to see Spaceballs, and then listened to Mel Brooks as he shared personal memories! We were only five rows back and center stage, so the location was perfect!

There was also a Barf and Lone Starr, that joined and trooped with us!


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A Dark Helmet Weekend


I had a blast dressing up as Dark Helmet this weekend! So many cool photos, with so many friends! The best part, Nagi and I also got lots of promotion in for Retro Con 2018! And as always I heard nothing but good things in regards to last year’s event! 
Fun photos from this weekend! 

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Dark Helmet will make an appearance this weekend!

Spaceballs Winslow

Dark Helmet will make an appearance this weekend! For those attending The Greater Philly Comic Con, I’ll see you this weekend, with an updated Dark Helmet! My good friend Nagi will be promoting Retro Con 2018 with me!




Yep.. I went there, but always having a blast!


This convention’s a must, with over 250 tables worth of shopping fun!


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