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A chat with Rick Hunter!


Another Retro Interview, this time I’m chatting with Tony Oliver the voice of Rick Hunter! Such fond memories and such an exciting interview, a must listen to for you Retro fans!

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Remembering A Voice Actor Reunion!


I’m sharing a fond memory from four years ago! Wally Burr was the man that originally planned this reunion. He called me many nights, going over whom would be interested in attending. For me it was an amazing experience, working with a man I considered to be a legend! Micheal Bell, Neil Ross and Wally Burr were the three main men that made the reunion possible, I just had the wonderful opportunity of helping to host it! It was an amazing time, something I’ll never forget! I’ve been so blessed to have known and still chat with such amazing talents! [The photo above comes from that week; Corey Burton invited us into the Studios to watch him record an episode of The Neverland Pirates! Then he signed some charity pieces!]

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