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Cybertronic Spree Returns To Retro Con!

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Cybertronic Spree returns to Retro Con! If you missed the concert last year, don’t miss out on the fun this year! Follow Retro Con 2018 on Facebook, and purchase your Tickets at

What you may have missed last year!








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Name: Kyle Williamson

Nickname: Captain Kyle

How many Retro Cons have I attended? ALL OF THEM

The BEST part about Retro Con: The relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The most welcoming con I know.

Costumes: Over 30, including Captain America, Jay Garrick, Q, Han Solo, The Governor, Classic BSG Colonial Viper Pilot, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Kirk, Jack Harkness, Reverse Flash… the list goes on.

What have I bought at Retro Con: When I first started going to RetroCon, I was a vendor… and sold stuff.

Favorite Retro Con Memory: When I won a Jem shirt at the pre-party.

Favorite Retro Con Panel: Actually, it was one I ran. When Connie was Cosmos for a taping of my Cosplay Spotlite talk show, but for the first part of the interview her voice was provided by Michael McConnohie. That was awesome!

Where you can find me?

You can find my work at,, and on Instagram and Twitter @FandomSpotlite

My personal pages are and on Twitter @captainkylepa and Instagram @captainkylephilly


For you Retro Fans! Have I got the convention for you! Retro Con 2018! For more information go to!




Nick helping to promote Retro Con, during a local convention! 


Name: Nick Govosdian

How many Retro Cons have I attended? Every one, first one I was a volunteer and just grew to what I do for the show now.

The BEST part about Retro Con: Seeing everyone of our friends that we don’t see throughout the year.

Costumes: Unfortunately none right now, but I do have a Ghostbuster uniform I would like to premiere at this year’s Retro Con a long with my very own version of an Ecto 1.

What have I bought at Retro Con: What haven’t I bought would be a shorter list, I’ve had some great finds there.

Favorite Retro Con Memory: I get to pick up most of the guests from the airport, so it’s a pleasure to speak to them candidly without the hustle and bustle of the show on the ride back from the airport. Having some of the most iconic voice actors and actors in your van, still blows my mind hearing some of their stories.

Favorite Retro Con Panel: Unfortunately I’m behind the scenes and don’t get to take in all the extra stuff as I’m running around doing things. But I was able to catch the million dollar man panel. Such a great guy.

Where you can find me? Facebook and at many of the shows we travel to as a group.


Nick with some of his Retro Con Family!!




For you Retro Fans! Have I got the convention for you! Retro Con 2018! For more information go to!



Kevin and his niece Sarah with the Cobra La gang!

Name: Kevin Jones

How many Retro Cons have I attended? I’ve been to every Retro Con. The first year I was an attendee and since then I’ve been a volunteer each year.

The BEST part about Retro Con: Spending time with friends in a fun convention atmosphere.

What have I bought at Retro Con: Almost too much to list, but some of my favorite items include a sketch of my favorite GI Joe by Artist/Writer Larry Hama, two very rare Monster in My Pocket figures, and Krang’s Android Body from TMNT.

Favorite Retro Con Memory: The Cybertonic Spree show last years was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had anywhere.

Favorite Retro Con Panel: Am I allowed to say my panel with Mike Breaux of the Breaux Show last year? My favorite panel I attended was the voice actors panel with Michael Bell, John Moshitta Jr, Doug Stone, and Michael 2015.

Where you can find me:



Twitter: @actionfigureadv

Some of my favorite photos from Retro Con include:


The Green Ranger waiting to use the ATM



This slightly awkward selfie of myself, Nick Govosdian, and Mike Breaux at our panel.



Joe Truitt and his grandson Vincent from the first Retro Con.



Beach Head and Snake Eyes father and son cosplayers with GI Joe writer Larry Hama in the background.


For you Retro Fans! Have I got the convention for you! Retro Con 2018! For more information go to!



Retro Con [Family] Spotlight: Rosemary Ward – Tuski


[Tony and I together, before the start of one of our earlier conventions!]

Name: Rosemary Ward – Tuski

Nickname: Screamers, during the mid-nighties. I was always this huge Starscream fan, so the nickname came from a character I designed. A character that happened to be Starscream’s sister. Drawing of my character below.

graceful_screamers_by_scream01How many Retro Cons have I attended? I haven’t missed one yet!

The BEST part about Retro Con: For me, it’s always the fans! These fans that attend, are more then just friends, their family! Always so supportive and helpful, always there to back Tony and I up! So yes.. That’s my favorite part of Retro Con!

Costumes: I’ve had quite a few, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Anime, Harry Potter, and Space Balls. Dark Helmet’s the one I’ve worn most of late!

IMG_3025[Jack Doud, Myself and Tony at a Space Balls event!]

What have I bought at Retro Con: Lately it’s been Legos, but I have bought a few boxed collectibles before!

Favorite Retro Con Memory: I’ve had so many, it’s really hard to pick just one! Most surround the guests though, since I’m usually assisting the guests. Last year was exciting, sitting in the hotel lobby, talking to Mad Murdock aka Dwight Schultz, about trash bags! [A-Teams fans will totally understand!]

Another amazing memory took place at Bob Evans, the night before Retro Con 2012. Larry Kenney [the voice of Lion-O] had gotten in late, and was extremely tired. So under the advice of Peter Newman [the voice of Tygra], I hid Larry’s diner plate, while he was in the restroom. He came out blaming it on the waitress! 😀 Such a fun memory, never thought I’d be able to hang out and joke around with such a talented and fun crew!

Favorite Retro Con Panel: The karaoke contest, love hearing the fans as the sing their favorite songs in character, and in costume!

Where you can find me? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Retro Con 2018!

Favorite Retro Con Photos

















For you Retro Fans! Have I got the convention for you! Retro Con 2018! For more information go to!

A Favorite Retro Con Moment!


Can you find just one? I couldn’t! Some of my favorite moments! If you have a favorite moment or video you’d like to share, contact me at! Photo taken during Retro Con 2014 during a ThunderCat reunion! 


 During a Retro Con dinner party! Voice actors in photos include Larry Kenney, Gerrianne Raphael, Peter Newman, Morgan Lofting and Zack Hoffman! Continue reading A Favorite Retro Con Moment!

Retro Con 2017 Highlights!


Sharing some of my favorite moments from Retro Con 2017! We had an amazing year along with an amazing concert by Cybertronic Spree! It’s the fans that make the show so great!! Follow Retro Con on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram! Follow Cybertronic Spree on Twitter and Instagram, I highly recommend following Rumble the Drummer too!





Continue reading Retro Con 2017 Highlights!