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A brave kitty that needs our help!

Like the Heroic Thundercats and Lions of Voltron, and even Karate Cat, cartoons have showed us that cats can be very brave, no less can be said of little Ripley.. A kitty that desperately needs our help!


My friend, Mae who has been taking care of this brave kitty the past six months! And trying to find her a forever home!

Ripley’s a super friendly cat despite living on her own for a long time. But she is ready for a new home. Except for one thing.. The vet’s found she has a serious wound, she’s been hiding under her leg. An injury that, if left untreated, will be fatal. Even in so much pain, she is still super friendly and never lashes out- even at the vet or when forced to take pills. But to heal her requires an expensive surgery- one the vet tells us needs to be done very soon (within a week would be ideal). Most potential adopters would likely not want to take on such a burden, and taking her to a shelter would get her euthanized instead of treated.

I ask my friends that read these blogs, to help if you can, and to spread the word. This brave little kitty needs us!