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Transformers The Movie!


It was a surreal moment, watching Transformers the movie the other day on the big screen, and reliving those childhood memories again. Unlike having my sister Bonnie with me this time though, like I had during the opening weekend in 1986, I was seated beside Tony. Those moments when we watched our favorite characters fall, still had that same impact on me, as it did years ago.


My friend James shared this adorable picture of his son, wearing my Matrix, after the movie Thursday night! 

It’s been thirty years, and the film still has an effect on me, and so I want to honor those great talents that were apart of this film. Starting with the late great Wally Burr, the voice director of the film. It was a thrill to know him and to hear his many stories.

As I list these actors below, I can say it’s been an honor to know many of these wonderful talents as personal friends, and I continue to chat with many of these actors when I’m not engaged in work.


The photo above was taken during the 25th Anniversary of Transformers the movie! [From Left to Right: Wally Burr, Neil Ross, Gregg Berger, Dan Gilvezan, Paul Eiding, and David Mendenhall.]


Watching Corey Burton work in person, years later!



This Blogger and her husband, with Peter Cullen and Paul Eiding!



Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, Ironhide

Judd Nelson as Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime

Robert Stack as Ultra Magnus

Neil Ross as Springer, Slag, Bonecrusher, and Hook

Susan Blu as Arcee

Lionel Stander as Kup

Frank Welker as Wheelie, Megatron, Soundwave, Frenzy, and Rumble

John Moschitta, Jr. as Blurr

Buster Jones as Blaster

Paul Eiding as Perceptor

Gregg Berger as Grimlock

Michael Bell as Swoop, and Scrapper (Prowl was in it, but his voice was never heard)

Scatman Crothers as Jazz

Casey Kasem as Cliffjumper

Dan Gilvezan as Bumblebee

Corey Burton as Brawn, Shockwave, and Spike Witwicky

Leonard Nimoy as Galvatron

Roger C. Carmel as Cyclonus, and Quintesson Leader

Stanley Jones as Scourge

Chris Latta as Starscream

Arthur Burghardt as Devastator

Don Messick as Scavenger (Ratchet was in it, but his voice was never heard)

Jack Angel as Astrotrain, and Ramjet (Jack would voice Ultra Magnus after the movie)

Ed Gilbert as Blitzwing

Clive Revill as Kickback

Hal Rayle as Shrapnel

Orson Welles as Unicron

Eric Idle as Wreck-Gar

David Mendenhall as Daniel Witwicky

Norman Alden as Kranix

Victor Caroli as Narrator




Stan Bush sang the songs The Touch and Dare, each song had an emotional feel to it, for what was happening at the time. Instruments of Destruction was by NRG. Nothin’s Gonna Stand in Our Way and Hunger was performed and sung by Spectre GeneralThe Transformers theme song was performed by LionWeird Al song Dare To Be Stupid when the Junkions attack.

Vince DiCola preformed: Unicron Attacks, Moon Base 2, Shuttle Launch, Space Attack, Fishing, Autobot/Decepticon Battle, Prepare For Extermination, Optimus Prime vs. Megatron, Megatron Departs, I Am Unicron, The Coronation, Moon Base 1 Destroyed, Escape, Closing In, Crash Landing, Twisted Planet, The Wrong Way, Destroy The Matrix, The Trial, Decepticon Attack, Unicron Transforms, The Matrix, Attack On Unicron, Reunited, The Fight Continues, and Legacy.


THE SCRIPT: Story was by Ron Friedman. Flint Dille was the story editor.


Autobot City’s under attack in Transformers the movie, pictured above: HotRod, Arcee, Kup, and Springer.



Now fans can learn the story behind this incredible talent! Neil’s written a book, and I highly recommend it! Purchase a copy HERE! Above is a photo of Neil Ross, Corey Burton, Myself [I should have been wearing a transformer t-shirt at the time!], and Gregg Berger!


Again purchase this amazing book at



Another must BUY BOOK! Learn what it was like to be G1 Bumblebee! Purchase this amazing book at: Bumblebee & Me: Life as a G1 Transformer


PS: The Art on the cover was done by your’s truly!



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A Mike Nesmith Weekend!


For those that have known me the longest, you probably know I’ve always loved The Monkees! It was a daily thing, coming home from school and watching the show! My uncle Joe once made me a mixed tape, that my Dad and I always sung to. So it was a thrill this weekend to sing ‘Papa Genes Blues’ with Micheal Nesmith, and a crowd of other devoted fans! Photo above by Troubadour! Follow Micheal Nesmith on Video Ranch!

Because I had so much fun, I had to share a couple videos, one from the original show! And one from the concert.

Papa Genes Blues sung on The Monkees!


Pretty much what we saw Saturday, but this was recorded [Live at the Troubadour]!

I also got an autographed album and a t-shirt from the event, along with a very cool fan pin!! I also got the chance to speak with Christian Nesmith a few minutes too, that’s Mike’s eldest son!




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