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My Sanctuary Lego Set


A few week’s back, I went crazy looking for an Infinity War Lego set with Doctor Strange in it. I checked out Target and Walmart.. Nothing! Then I decided to check out the Lego Store with my friend Denise.. They have everything you know! It was there, just as I was about to check out with two smaller sets, and I had given up hope, that I noticed the Sanctuary Lego Set! Oh my god.. Must have! I had a coupon that noticed twenty dollars off, so I bought it! I’m such a geek!


Looking at the box art, I see Tony Stark loves pizza too! The only downside is that it doesn’t come with Thanos. I’ll be displaying my Sanctuary set next to my Avengers Tower set! 


Found these little cuties while with Denise too!


Now who’s ready for Infinity War?! I am!!

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