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Another Space Balls Weekend!

DEYep, I’ve been slow again, promoting Retro Con 2019, in my Space Balls costume! This weekend it was at the Greater Philly Comic-Con event! Met up with lots of friends, and made some new ones along the way! Photo’s you see here were taken by all my friends/Retro Con family members!

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Photos From: Retro Con 2018


Above: The Breaux Show directing the Retro Con crowds!!

This last month has been insane, getting ready for Retro Con, and now it’s been recovering since. So I’m really slow about posting anything. But I will share a few of my favorite photos from the event! I’ll catalog these photos later, and spotlight The Cybertronic Spree in their own blog!


One of my Favorite Bots!!



Retro Con Sisters!!



Scarlett, chatting with Scarlett!


I love being Aunt Rose… I claim all these kids in the next two photos! ❤



Larry Kenney the Voice of Lion-O with three of my Adoptive Angels ❤



Relaxing with the Sarge before the concert begins!



HotRod and I sharing a Matrix Moment!

A few pictures of an AMAZING concert! More soon!





Light Our Darkest Hour… Well Maybe Not!


Much love to all of my friends, and sorry for the delay! More photos soon!

YouTube Favorites!!

Adding My Favorite YouTubers to the site! If you’d like to be added, feel free to message me on Facebook! I’ll start this collection with one of my own! Yes, it’s been years since I’ve blogged!! [Photo below belongs to the amazing crew of Fandom Spotlite!]


Must Follow YouTube Channels!

The Breaux Show!

TBS copy

SEO Toy Review!

Kevin copy

Bestow TV:

BTV copy

Mister Lobo

Lobo copy

MegaPodTastic Podcast!

MPT copy

Fandom Spotlite produced by Captain Kyle!

Cosplay copy

Another personal favorite is Weird Paul, an original Vlogger from the 80’s!

WP copy

I’ll be adding more YouTube channels soon!



For you Retro Fans! Have I got the convention for you! Retro Con 2018! For more information go to!



Going Spaceballs With Mel Brooks!


Tony, Myself and our friend Jack, was invited to a Mel Brooks event yesterday! Dressed up we greeted fans as the arrived to see Spaceballs, and then listened to Mel Brooks as he shared personal memories! We were only five rows back and center stage, so the location was perfect!

There was also a Barf and Lone Starr, that joined and trooped with us!


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