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A G1 Holiday Treat!

Because I’ve been so extremely slow about posting anything of late, just working too much is to blame. I thought I would share something festive today, as a way of wishing all of you an amazing and Happy Holiday! I’ll start off with some of my favorite wishbooks photos, for those of you that grew up during the ’70s and ’80s, you’ll remember many of these photos, for my sister and I, it was a way of marking off what we wanted for Christmas. And because of the title above, I’ll focus mainly on Transformers, then I’ll share a Transformer fanfiction I recently read!

Wishbook fun from 1984…


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A Christmas Story Adventure! 



My Christmas Story Adventure! During my Christmas break in Ohio, my Mom, Sister and I visited the house from A Christmas Story! Growing up near Cleveland Ohio, I never knew the place was so close! Remembering a few of my favorite moments!



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Dinner Theater Weekend!!


My dear friend Nagi, whom runs the Retro Con Karaoke contest, spoils me far to often! As a Christmas gift, she treated me to some Dinner Theater this weekend! Falling in love with Theater Scene! 🙂 From the Father of F.A.O. Schwarz, to Charles Dickens Scrooge it was an amazing performance! For those that enjoy this sort of thing as I do, go to!


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