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Growing up G1… Just Getting Started!


Yours truly around 1987, pictured with my collection.

When starting something like this it’s always where to begin? For me, I should start things off around 1984… I was a 13 years old kid that had been bullied constantly since the fourth grade and would continue to be bullied until the 11th grade when I finally had enough of the torment and dropped out! I took a two-year break, worked a full-time job, found I wanted to go back to school, and eventually graduated at the age of 22.

Honestly, though, it was the torment in school that inspired my reading and collecting comics. It was my escape from reality, to believe in something else, to forget about those kids that bullied me so. Transformer wise, the toys and the animation would eventually follow that first comic I read, which was issue 19 of the Marvel Comics.


The Comics… For those that don’t know, issue 19 was the introduction to of Omega Supreme and Devastator or at least the first transformation of Devastator, there had been hints of the Constructicons beforehand. [For you long time Marvel fan’s Shockwave had enslaved a group of humans to design him a Decepticon army, the Constructicons had been designed during that time period, along with Jetfire]. On a side note, I wasn’t originally in there for a Transformer comic, I went to pick up a new Thundercat comic and it wasn’t in stock, so I bought the next best thing, something that would surpass my Thundercat collecting.

Animation Favorites… Of course, Transformers wasn’t my first experience in animation/cartoons, I was 14 years old and I had been watching cartoons most of that time! Animation wise my first love was Scooby Doo, along with The Flintstones! I also loved The Jetsons, Tom and Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, Heckel and Jekyll, and The Bugs Bunny show! I also watched some Strawberry Shortcake specials, the Charlie Brown specials, and I loved the Disney movies too! But since this is gearing more towards Transformers, I won’t drift far from the story at hand.

My first memory of watching Transformers was with More Than Meets Eye, I was flipping through the Saturday morning cartoons when I hit the tail end of the cartoon’s three-parter. Mirage had just landed in front of his fellow Autobots, after sabotaging the Decepticon’s liftoff, and the Autobots were cheering! I most likely was looking for something to watch, on a boring Saturday morning and turned to that channel, channel 43 in Cleveland, for you Akron/Cleveland Ohio fans. That first time I hadn’t paid the show much attention, it wasn’t until I read that first comic, that I revisited More Than Meets Eye, and by then it had been released on VHS and I could rent it.

Even though the cartoon hadn’t caught my interest at the time, it’s my first memory of it, and it would eventually be a huge part of my life, along with those wonderful talents involved with the series.


Image courtesy of a google search!

Collecting the toys… I wouldn’t have that first Transformer toy until May of 1986. I had been reading the comics religiously and had started watching the cartoons, but I was a bit slow on buying the toys. Again my parents were poor, and I was a teenager by then, so it wasn’t something I jumped right into. My first Transformer was Wildrider, my favorite Stunticon. Starscream would have been my first choice, he was my top favorite at the time, but the seeker jets were scarce, Hasbro was pushing the new toys. But my allegiance would soon turn towards the Autobots, as I would trade that Stunticon off to my best friend at the time, for a Sunstreaker who was no longer on the market, and harder to find. That Sunstreaker would be followed by the Autobot scientist Wheeljack.

More G1 memories later, I’m just getting started! Voice actor memories in the next blog, along with collecting and Christmas memories.

Sharing these G1 memories was inspired by a couple of my friends, Mark Bellomo included. Maybe someday I’ll make this into a book, for now, though I’ll share my stories here… These G1 memories are also for you Jesse and in memory of a supportive Dad.

Note to my fellow fans and bloggers: I’ve been extremely busy of late, I know I’m always busy! So many things I want to do and never enough time to do it! But I’m still that loyal Blogger, and I still have so many things to share!


And for those that know of this Blogger’s Retro Convention… I’m doing it again next year!

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Charlie Adler a G1 Original Favorite!

Charlie_AdlerHaving recently watched the creation of the Aerialbots, I’ve been watching Season 2 Transformers of late, I can say Silverbolt is defiantly one of my favorites! But it’s not the only voiced character by Adler… The man has talent! Enjoy the video below, and enjoy this Retro Spotlight from my original site, honoring this amazing talent! 

Continue reading Charlie Adler a G1 Original Favorite!

Frank Welker… Voice Actor Extraordinaire!


Peter Cullen, Frank Welker

I love this photo above, of Frank Welker & Peter Cullen from Hascon, Frank, of course, was Megatron in the 80’s Transformers cartoon, and Peter was Optimus Prime! Both are still very active in the Transformers community, but, I myself, am more of a G1 fan!

Editor’s Note: As Thanksgiving nears, and many of us are running about getting ready for the holidays, I thought I’d spotlight one of my favorite talents! I’ve only met Frank once, and that was during a Botcon convention… But I did get to talk to him a little as I sat in a green room, Sue Blu and  John Moschitta, Jr. At one point he barked like a dog, and I thought it was Sue’s dog. I also interviewed Frank several years back for a magazine, and he wrote me back making me an honorary Decepticon.


Frank began his professional career as a comic in 1967 and went on to open for such musical acts as The Righteous Brothers… Sonny and Cher, and Diana Ross. He made his acting debut in the Elvis Presley film, Trouble With Girls. Welker was a regular in Knott’s weekly television series and later co-starred in the television series Laugh Trax with Howie Mandel and Jim Staahl. I also remember his appearing in ‘The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes’ one of my favorite Disney movies from 1969!

Then moving onto animation Frank not only was the voice of many of my favorite Transformer characters, but he was a huge part of my childhood as I watched Scooby-Doo and Jabberjaw most every school day! Then Saturday mornings it was..The Real Ghostbusters, from which Frank had a huge role as our favorite green ghost and RayStantz!

Frank has always been well known for his wonderful characters… Including that of the Transformer character’s Megatron and Soundwave!

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Neil Ross: A Life in Radio and Voiceovers


Growing up Neil Ross was two of my favorite Voltron members, Keith and Pidge. Then as I started watching Transformers and G.I. Joe, I knew him as  Slag, Springer, Buzzer and Shipwreak. Of course I’m only naming a few of the characters he’s voiced! He has a long list of credits, that also include major films like Back to the Future 2!

Now fans can learn the story behind this incredible talent! Neil’s written a book, and I highly recommend it! Purchase a copy HERE! Above is a photo of Neil Ross, Corey Burton, Myself [I should have been wearing a transformer t-shirt at the time!], and Gregg Berger!


Again purchase this amazing book at:


Autobot City’s under attack in Transformers the movie! One of my favorite movie moments! Pictured above: HotRod, Arcee, Kup, and Springer.



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Meet Sgt. Slaughter at Retro Con 2018!


One of my favorite moments in G.I. Joe the movie, was when Sargent Slaughter and his Marauders first appear, to train Lt.Falcon! So you can only imagine how excited I am, to see Sarge again at Retro Con 2018! If you haven’t purchased your TICKETS yet, why wait?! Join in the fun and do check out Saturday Night’s concert too!


A Sgt. Slaughter’s Marauders Toy Commercial, from the late eighties!

Straight from the Retro Con Page!

We welcome back to Retro Con a true living legend: The one and only Sgt. Slaughter!


A wrestler for over 40 years, Sgt. Slaughter became a household name when he joined the WWF in the early 1980s with his signature “Cobra Clutch” move. Inspired by the Sarge’s drill instructor persona and wild popularity, Hasbro decided to incorporate the Sarge into their GI Joe: A Real American Hero toy line, comic, and animated series in 1985! Voicing himself, his cartoon debut was in the Season 2 Arise Serpentor Arise mini series, where we learn the Sarge is one of the GI Joe team’s greatest warriors and trainers. The character is easily a fan-favorite and is still regularly talked about by Joe fans to this day.

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Help!… It’s the Hair Bear Bunch!


Help!… It’s the Hair Bear Bunch! Was a Saturday morning cartoon, produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions in 1971 for CBS! And it was also one of my favorite cartoons.. In saying that, here’s some fun facts about this amazing cartoon! 

Did you know the Theme Song was Sung by the cast! 


In the Wonderland Zoo,
There are certain bears who,
Stay at home every night,
Never quarrel or fight,
Ah! We don’t even bite!

So don’t yell,
Help! Help! Here come the bears,
Help! Help! Here come the bears,
Help! Help! Here come the bears,
Let’s split!

So don’t yell,
Help! Help! Here come the bears,
Help! Help! Here come the bears,
Help! Help! Here come the bears,
Let’s split!

Help! It’s the Hair Bear Bunch!


The Episodes: The episodes ran from September 1971 to January 1972!

Keep Your Keeper [September 11, 1971]
Rare Bear Bungle [September 18, 1971]
Raffle Ruckus [September 25, 1971]
Bridal Boo Boo [October 2, 1971]
No Space Like Home [October 9, 1971]
Love Bug Bungle [October 16, 1971]
I’ll Zoo You Later [October 23, 1971]
Ark Lark [October 30, 1971]
Gobs of Gabaloons [November 6, 1971]
Panda Pandemonium [November 19, 1971]
Closed Circuit TV [November 20, 1971]
The Bear Who Came to Dinner [November 27, 1971]
Unbearably Peevly [December 4, 1971]
Goldilocks and the Three Bears [December 11, 1971]
The Diet Caper [December 18, 1971]
Kling Klong versus The Masked Marvel [January 8, 1972]


Cast & Characters: The amazing talent behind these characters!

Daws Butler – Hair Bear, Bumbo the Elephant, Bananas the Gorilla
William Callaway – Square Bear
Don Messick – Hercules the Hippo, Ambassador of Ptomania
Joe E. Ross – Lionel J. Botch
Hal Smith – Rare Bear
John Stephenson – Eustace P. Peevly, Zoo Superintendent, Slicks the Fox, Hippy the Hippopotamus, Dr. Kneeknocker
Janet Waldo – Pipsqueak the Mouse
Lennie Weinrib – Bank Robber, Wrestling Manager
Paul Winchell – Bubi Bear, Furface the Lion, Tiptoes the Ostrich, Specs the Mole, Mr. Grunch



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