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Flea Market Barbie!


It’s rare to find a vintage Barbie at a Flea Market, especially at a reasonable price.. I should say a cheap price! Yesterday arriving at the flea market, I thought my fun washed out because of the rain. Instead it was a day to find treasures! I think it was also because there was so few of us, that I did find this rare Barbie!



This Bubblecut Barbie usually goes between 70.00 to 150.00 on ebay, depending on her condition. I got her yesterday, in the drizzling rain, for ten dollars. Or I should say the lot she was in, was ten dollars. She was in a warn out Barbie case, with a few other dolls and a pile of outfits. After my Vintage Ponytail Barbie for twenty dollars, I thought I’d never find such a great buy again. But I was wrong, and my collection keeps growing!  


Yesterday rainy adventures also brought forth Legos, some cheap CDs/DVDS, and some cool action figures [which included vintage GoBots]!




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Barbie’s ready for Summer!


Barbie’s ready for some summer fun!


Barbie’s Austin Healey came in the mail yesterday, along with her Orange Blossom outfit! The set’s 55 + years old and looking Great! 


The car was released in 1962, and was the first car designed for the doll.


More blogs soon.. Enjoying our collection as always!

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A Barbie Dilemma!


I don’t know to much about Barbies, only that I find some of them interesting. I have a Cowgirl Barbie from 1981 and a Barbie in the Rockers doll from the mid eighties. But I don’t have much them.. So when I found this one, I was at a complete loss as to what year she actually came out? She’s designed after the 1959 Barbie, but I’m pretty sure she’s a re-issue of that doll, since she doesn’t have holes in her feet. But what year is she? She looks nothing like the 1994 re-release of the doll, her eyebrows are different, her Barbie stamp is on her butt, instead of her back too! Any information on her would be great! No matter what, she’ll look great in my collection 😀

Photo’s of my doll


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