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Avoiding The Crocodiles In Pitfall!


Avoiding the crocodiles in Pitfall, was probably one of the most difficult things to do as a kid, and that’s why I spotlight the game now! I plan to make this a regular thing, spotlighting my favorite video games! Of course that all depends on how busy I get! But enough excuses.. Lets talk about Pitfall!

 Jumping is the key in this game!

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Canvas Quest! A Gamer’s Artistic Fantasy!

IMG_2697For you Retro Gaming fans that enjoy art, and enjoy the classic Atari & NES games.. Canvas Quest is a must! Tom at Canvas Quest, has been nice enough to share his art collection, and he’s also a fan of Retro Con! The classic art designs really grab me, so many childhood memories, captured through amazing art! You can follow Canvas Quest Instagram!

Tom also has a 2-man group [cartoonclubcc ] that watches and talks about cartoons! You can follow cartoonclubcc on Instagram and Twitter


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