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Voltron Character Spotlight: Pidge Green Lion


Another Voltron Spotlight, this time on Pidge the Smallest and youngest of the Voltron Force! Pidge piloted the Green Lion, and was voiced by Neil Ross, later by Billy West.


Pidge Number Three Of The Voltron Force!

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Voltron Character Spotlight: Sven Original Pilot Of Blue Lion!

S4 copy

A little fan dedication, this is for you JC! I would never forget Sven! Sven was second in command originally, and piloted the Blue Lion! He was voiced by Michael Bell!


Sven would soon be replaced by Allura in this scene.

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Voltron Character Spotlights: Keith Black Lion

 k1 copy

I’m trying something new and old today! I plan to start spotlighting some of my favorite characters, starting with The Voltron ForceCommander Keith, pilot of the Black Lion seemed to be the perfect choice!


Keith was voiced by Neil Ross! You can follow Neil at:!


Keith was Number One and Leading The Voltron Force!

Being the commander of the team, Keith is loaded down with many responsibilities, including the welfare of each team mate. Keith is also a quiet individual who spends much of his time pondering his decisions, thinking up new strategies, and just being leader. He also has this hobby of reading books and he’s often found doing so.

Keith rarely expresses his feelings and concentrates more on missions, even off-duty. But don’t be fooled by his outer exterior, Keith occasionally shows his gentle nature, especially when dealing with children.

He can be very protective of Princess Allura, his worst fear is that she would be forced to marry Prince Lotor. Keith originally ran a dojo prior to being recruited.

Age: Keith was between the age of 21 to 23

Looking at the Toys!

The action figure along with most the play sets were distributed by Panosh Place.


He of course was the pilot of the Black Lion, as mentioned above! 



The plastic pull back Black Lion.



From the die cast Voltron Lion set.



The plastic Black Lion from which holds the Keith figure.

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