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My Favorite A-Team Member?!

This is a tough choice I know.. But lets see who’s number one with fans?!


For me.. It’s always been ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock!



For you retro fans!! Retro Con has two new door prizes! 

Mr. T may not be coming to Retro Con 2017, but he’ll be with us in spirit with these latest items we’re adding to the show raffle: A Lego Dimensions A-Team Fun Pack, and Funko Pops B.A. Baracus w/ A-Team van!

Both of these items will be given away on the same draw at the show. Please take a look at more of our raffle items here:



Meet ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock & Templeton Peck ‘Faceman’ at Retro Con 2017!

And pose with the van!


For more information check out: Retro Con’s 2017 Event Page!

Purchase Tickets at: Purchase Retro Con Tickets!