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A Favorite Retro Con Moment!


Can you find just one? I couldn’t! Some of my favorite moments! If you have a favorite moment or video you’d like to share, contact me at! Photo taken during Retro Con 2014 during a ThunderCat reunion! 


 During a Retro Con dinner party! Voice actors in photos include Larry Kenney, Gerrianne Raphael, Peter Newman, Morgan Lofting and Zack Hoffman! Continue reading “A Favorite Retro Con Moment!”

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Retro Con 2017 Highlights!


Sharing some of my favorite moments from Retro Con 2017! We had an amazing year along with an amazing concert by Cybertronic Spree! It’s the fans that make the show so great!! Follow Retro Con on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram! Follow Cybertronic Spree on Twitter and Instagram, I highly recommend following Rumble the Drummer too!





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Along Came a Duke!


One Duke.. Two Dukes.. Three Dukes.. Four Dukes.. But who is this Duke? “Jeb Stuart Duke, I’ll be a son of a gun!” Like Bo and Luke Duke.. Jeb Duke’s been in trouble with the law, since the day he was born!

For you Duke of Hazzard fans, you’ll have a chance to meet this brilliant actor and Duke at Retro Con 2017! Chris Hensel aka Jeb Duke will be attending and placed near the General Lee! Retro Con will be adding Chris to the guest list soon.. But I first had to share my own blog! [I screen captured all of these photos myself this morning! I highly recommend watching the episode ‘Along Came A Duke!’] Can’t wait to meet you Chris!

Follow Retro Con 2017 on Facebook! And Purchase your Tickets in advance to get in early!


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Entertaining Boys & Girls of 1971


I continue this journey down memory lane.. I was to young to remember the Christmas of 1971, but many of these toys I remember from my childhood! Such as Lite -Brite! I also had Legos.. Still do today 🙂 Dressy Bessy was a doll I remember playing with, can’t remember if I owed it. I also remember Frisky Frog, Inchworm and Punch Ball! I believe it was my Uncle Dan and Aunt Martha that got my sister and I our first Spirograph, but that was like in 79!

Enjoy! Games and Boys Toys soon I promise! For you toy collectors Retro Con 2017 is but a month away! 

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Wish Book 1971 Girl’s Toys!


I’ve always loved my Wish Books! So.. I’m slowly getting back into that, honoring the year I was born, 1971! These are all photos from a Sears book! The craftsmanship that went into these dolls.. Is simply amazing!











My mom said I had a Mrs. Beasley, she was designed after Buffy’s doll in Family Affair!






This blue carriage looks similar to one I had as a kid!



The electrical things they trusted us kids with!



Now this could be for a Boy or a Girl!! In saying that.. More blogs soon. The next one will be centered on boy’s toys! For you Toy Collector’s Retro Cons but a month away! Follow the links below to buy those tickets and follow us on Facebook!

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Retro Con 2017



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Win a Pass to Retro Con 2017!


For those that live in the area.. I’ll be setting up at the Uncanny! Comic book shop, in King of Prussia mall this weekend! [September 2nd from 11:30AM to 3:30PM] I’ll be promoting Retro Con 2017 and giving out a free ticket or two for this year’s convention! I’ll have a drawing later in the day, to decide the winner! I also plan to bring in treats for the kids!

[For a few of my friends that might want show up in costume, it’s been approved! But no masks through the mall.]

For more details on Retro Con 2017 find us on Facebook!


The address to King of Prussia Mall: 160 N Gulph Rd #2322, King of Prussia, PA 19406

A mall map, to make it easier for those that have never been to Uncanny!






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My Favorite Turtle!


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for years! At least three decades now and have morphed many times. But one thing remains the same.. Raphael will always be my favorite. He won me over in the early 90’s, during the first two live action movies! His personality was unforgettable.


Now I ask you. Do you have a favorite? Share your thoughts and these four Heroes in a Half Shell!

Meet the voice of Raphael (From the original series) and Donatello (From the new series) at Retro Con 2017! Retro Con’s Official Facebook Event Page!