This time we hear from one of my Retro Con Sisters!


Meeting The Million Dollar Man was a memorable moment for us! Photo taken during RetroCon 2016!

Name: Jenn Angstadt

Nickname: Jenn

How many Retro Cons have I attended? Every one so far! I am planning to attend each one in the future as well. It has become a family tradition of sorts. We use personal vacation days off of work/school in preparation for attendance.

The BEST part about Retro Con: What’s not to like? The costumes, friendly faces, guests, panels, and merchandise. It takes you on a trip down memory lane to simpler times and allows me to share that with my own children in a realistic and fun way! I love that the atmosphere is family friendly so I don’t have to be overly concerned about what my family is exposed to like at other conventions.

Costumes: I attended my first RetroCon convention as She-Ra. I had also cosplayed as Jem, Belle, and Audrey (Little Shoppe of Horrors).

What have I bought at Retro Con: I’ve purchased board and video games, books, Legos, and collectible items over the course of multiple visits.

Favorite Retro Con Memory: It’s hard to pick just one! Meeting multiple guests over the years made for some amazing family moments! I absolutely love seeing familiar faces every years, and eagerly anticipate what “characters” we will encounter while in attendance.

Favorite Retro Con Panel: I honestly enjoy the costume contests the most. It is amazing to observe the talent, time, efforts and genius which had been invested into each one to bring beloved “characters” from my youth to life!

Where you can find me? I am on FaceBook throughout the year but mostly am found to be working, doing coursework, and volunteering. No rest for the weary. RetroCon provides me with a much needed break from routine! During the convention I tend to wander around engaging with the characters and shopping.


RetroCon 2016 Sandy & Danny meets Harley & Joker… 2 Iconic couples



Annie meets the Misfits for a revised version of “Tomorrow”



Kiki meets Ratchet & Clank at RetroCon 2015



Belle & Jimmy Hart arrive at RetroCon 2015 via Bill and Ted’s Phonebooth.



Meeting Sgt. Slaughter at RetroCon 2014!



Meeting the BoogeyMan at RetroCon 2014 was definitely one of our top RetroCon memories. What an AWESOME guy!



Joel & Tom Servo at RetroCon 2014. What a great guy! He was so kind to our youngest and even performed a magic trick for her, giving her an Ecto-1 car he “pulled out of her ear”.



So many awesome cosplayers made it a fun family friendly day! RetroCon 2014!


The A-team signed our wedding guest book as an anniversary gift to me from my husband.




Have you purchased your tickets, for Retro Con 2018? For more information go to!



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