Transformer T-Shirts for Charity! 


I’m a huge fan of charities, and I’m a huge fan of Michael Bell‘s charity projects! [Micheal Bell was the original voice of Autobot Prowl!] His recent charity project centers on Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary! To do my part, I’ve designed three Transformer related t-shirts to help raise money! 

Show your support and purchase one of these fun t-shirts! All sizes are available in unsex t-shirt, woman’s t-shirt, or youth! The first is Prowl’s Kitties!

Prowltshirt copy

For you Decepticon fans, purchase this Megatron t-shirt! All of three t-shirts will have a selection of colors: white, black, and charcoal!

Megtshirt copy


My personal favorite, is this female Ratchet! If these t-shirts go well, I’ll design more!

RatchT copy


For you Retro Fans! Have I got the convention for you! Retro Con 2018! For more information go to!


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