Retro Con [Family] Spotlight: Rosemary Ward – Tuski


[Tony and I together, before the start of one of our earlier conventions!]

Name: Rosemary Ward – Tuski

Nickname: Screamers, during the mid-nighties. I was always this huge Starscream fan, so the nickname came from a character I designed. A character that happened to be Starscream’s sister. Drawing of my character below.

graceful_screamers_by_scream01How many Retro Cons have I attended? I haven’t missed one yet!

The BEST part about Retro Con: For me, it’s always the fans! These fans that attend, are more then just friends, their family! Always so supportive and helpful, always there to back Tony and I up! So yes.. That’s my favorite part of Retro Con!

Costumes: I’ve had quite a few, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Anime, Harry Potter, and Space Balls. Dark Helmet’s the one I’ve worn most of late!

IMG_3025[Jack Doud, Myself and Tony at a Space Balls event!]

What have I bought at Retro Con: Lately it’s been Legos, but I have bought a few boxed collectibles before!

Favorite Retro Con Memory: I’ve had so many, it’s really hard to pick just one! Most surround the guests though, since I’m usually assisting the guests. Last year was exciting, sitting in the hotel lobby, talking to Mad Murdock aka Dwight Schultz, about trash bags! [A-Teams fans will totally understand!]

Another amazing memory took place at Bob Evans, the night before Retro Con 2012. Larry Kenney [the voice of Lion-O] had gotten in late, and was extremely tired. So under the advice of Peter Newman [the voice of Tygra], I hid Larry’s diner plate, while he was in the restroom. He came out blaming it on the waitress! 😀 Such a fun memory, never thought I’d be able to hang out and joke around with such a talented and fun crew!

Favorite Retro Con Panel: The karaoke contest, love hearing the fans as the sing their favorite songs in character, and in costume!

Where you can find me? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Retro Con 2018!

Favorite Retro Con Photos

















For you Retro Fans! Have I got the convention for you! Retro Con 2018! For more information go to!


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