Canvas Quest! A Gamer’s Artistic Fantasy!

IMG_2697For you Retro Gaming fans that enjoy art, and enjoy the classic Atari & NES games.. Canvas Quest is a must! Tom at Canvas Quest, has been nice enough to share his art collection, and he’s also a fan of Retro Con! The classic art designs really grab me, so many childhood memories, captured through amazing art! You can follow Canvas Quest Instagram!

Tom also has a 2-man group [cartoonclubcc ] that watches and talks about cartoons! You can follow cartoonclubcc on Instagram and Twitter


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I Have The Power!


For you Matty Collectors, there’s now an Unofficial Guide to collecting He-Man! My friend Rod who recently told me about this book, has not only donated one to Retro Con 2018, but he’ll be selling these at the Retro Con 2018! That’s perfect timing, for the guests we have lined up.. I not only speak of Melendy Britt, but also Larry Kenney, since this book also covers the Thundercat toys released by Matty Collectors!

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Transforming Our World Through Art! 

Shockwave Shopifi Site copy

In 1995, I picked up my first boxed Shockwave.. I was a huge fan of the art, and was thrilled to have this boxed Decepticon as part of my collection! Back then though, I never thought I’d meet the original artist behind that art. I can say I have now, and it’s both an honor and a thrill, to spotlight this talented man and his product! 

Huffer Hi Rez copy

Tony’s a huge fan of Huffer, so he had to be near the top too!

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Going Spaceballs With Mel Brooks!


Tony, Myself and our friend Jack, was invited to a Mel Brooks event yesterday! Dressed up we greeted fans as the arrived to see Spaceballs, and then listened to Mel Brooks as he shared personal memories! We were only five rows back and center stage, so the location was perfect!

There was also a Barf and Lone Starr, that joined and trooped with us!


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