Voltron Character Spotlight: Sven Original Pilot Of Blue Lion!

S4 copy

A little fan dedication, this is for you JC! I would never forget Sven! Sven was second in command originally, and piloted the Blue Lion! He was voiced by Michael Bell!


Sven would soon be replaced by Allura in this scene.

Character Profile

Sven was the second in command and piloted the Blue Lion in the very beginning, but shortly after was badly injured and sent away to be healed. He then was replaced by Allura in the Blue Lion.

Sven now resides on the Planet Pollux with the Princess Romella and Prince Bandor, both cousins to Allura. He decided to stay to help them repel Lotor’s Doom forces and maintain peace on the planet, though he may just have some ulterior motives for his decision. [Hinting at Princess Romella of course..]

Sven was always very quiet and spoke only when he had something important to say. Though he may not look it, Sven is a very emotional person, and his heart is always leading his mind in any decision. He felt devastated when he couldn’t help Voltron, but he found new hope with Romelle and Bandor. The Polluxian Princess gave Sven the motivation he needed to continue the struggle against the Drule empire. Sven is a very courageous, very brave man and never fights without purpose.

Sven fell in love with Romelle almost from the day he first met her. At first he hid his feelings, feeling himself a lowly pilot and her a Princess, but eventually he saw past that and admitted his feelings to her. Lucky for him she felt the same way!

Like Keith and Lance, Sven is 21 to 23 years of age. 

S1 copy

Screen Shots Of An Amazing Character!



Flying Blue Lion!!




For those that don’t remember Sven..


More Voltron members will be spotlighted soon! Until then, if you enjoyed this, check out our Retro Convention! 


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