Voltron Character Spotlight: Allura Blue Lion


Pretty in pink Allura flies the Blue Lion, and was voiced by BJ Ward!

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princess1Princess ready to drop into action and protect her planet!

Character Profile

Princess Allura is the ruler of planet Arus..Her appearance is that of beauty. She has never fails to make a man give her a second glance. Though a bit naive, especially with matters of romance, Allura is a strong willed person and very capable of ruling her planet.

Since piloting the ‘Blue Lion’ Allura has increasingly matured and become an excellent fighter, both in and out of her ship. She is well on her way to becoming one of the greatest leaders of planet Arus. Allura also has a big heart especially when it comes to her people. She would do almost anything to secure their happiness.

Allura is own teased by the other members of the team, since she is the only female of the group. Lance especially likes to joke around with her. Sometimes Allura can feel a bit left out, her being the stranger in the tight knit group. But all four men would do anything to ensure her safety especially Keith. Allura’s attraction to the Voltron Commander is not always apparent even to her, but there is no doubt she holds special feelings for him.

Her age is between 18-20


She’s A Dream Come True For Those Fan boys!


She’ll rule a peaceful planet!

A look at Allura’s the Action figure and the Blue Lion


Action figure along with most the play sets were distributed by Panosh Place and Mattel.


Blue Lion


The plastic pull back Blue Lion.



From the die cast Voltron Lion set.



The plastic Blue Lion from which holds the Allura’s figure.


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