Voltron Character Spotlight: Lance Red Lion

L1 copy

The Voltron Spotlights continue as I bring you Lance, who happens to be my personal favorite! Second In Command, Lance is the pilot of the Red Lion. He was voiced by Michael Bell!


Character Profile

Lance is second in command of Voltron Force and pilots the Red Lion. He is a tall man both wiry and wiley, he is the height of mellow. Lance is always cracking jokes and teasing the others whenever he gets the chance, he takes great pleasure in watching his teammates squirm. Regardless of that, he’s a great pilot, though a bit too daring at times. He is the only one in the group who has the guts to contest against any of Keith’s commands.

Lance is also a ladies’ man. He is a shameless flirt even around the Princess and is not afraid to show off for any prospective females. Although this sometimes gets him into trouble to the amusement by his friends. It is never stated whether or not Lance ever had a girlfriend, though he did sort of have his eye on Lady Farla there for a while. Of course with the Princess always giving him kisses on the cheek, it is unsure where his affections lie.

Lance can get pretty hot headed at times and sometimes acts irrationally to make his way work. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. No matter what Lance’s heart is always in the right place.

Like Keith, Lance was between the age of 21 to 23.



They always made the character’s so adorable cute in the series!


A look at Lance the Action figure and the Red Lion

Action figure along with most the play sets were distributed by Panosh Place and Mattel.



The Red Lion

The pull back toy.



The die cast red lion.



The plastic red lion that holds the figure.



More Voltron members will be spotlighted soon! Until then, if you enjoyed this, check out our Retro Convention! 


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