It began with two Seekers


Do you remember that first transformed moment? The first time a Transformers toy caught your eye? Continuing with my childhood memoirs, I speak of my first experience, my first memory of the toy line that would consume me. (Above, the toy isles as I remember them!)


A boxed Thundercracker from 1984

In early 1984, I wasn’t into collecting boys toys. I was more interested in getting a Cabbage Patch Kid. But I do remember finding these two jets very interesting, Thundercracker and Skywarp. I was in a local Drug Store, with a friend, the first time I noticed these boxed toys. It wouldn’t be until the following year before I started collecting anything Transformers, and it would start with the comic books. But I would eventually obsess over these now collectible toys!


Of course back then we never considered these three repaints!


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