Thundercat Race Set


I’m tempted to write some Childhood Memoirs, starting with this Thundercat race set. Dare me to do it?! (Thundercat Race set box art above). Back during the mid eighties, my parents used to shop at Acme Click, which is now known as Acme. It wasn’t just a grocery store then, it was like Super Walmart; with clothing and toys. So while my parents shopped for things we needed, I would go admire the toys! This Race Set was one of those items.


A retro photo of Acme Click located in Akron Ohio.


I never had the race set as a kid, my parents had it tight. But my husband Tony got it for me, shortly after we started dating! It was an amazing Christmas that year! Below is a photo from a Sears Wishbook, the set was originally priced at $39.99!


And here’s a retro commercial, along with a personal video of my set! My video was taken almost ten years ago, because our old kitty Shadow was enjoying the moment! 


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