Beyond Krypton!


Spotlighting and chatting with another friend, that does a brilliant Supergirl! She’s a huge fan of this heroic character, that happens to be Superman’s cousin! Thanks for chatting with us and sharing so many amazing photos Maeden Cosplay!


Let’s Chat!

Screamers: How and when you were first introduced to Supergirl?

Maeden Cosplay: It was 2011, and my very first introduction was her appearance in the season 10 episode of Smallville, itself titled “Supergirl.” As I was catching on to the show near it’s end, I hadn’t seen her earlier episodes but was nonetheless immediately drawn in and amazed by Laura Vandervoort’s perfect portrayal of her. Soon after, I started reading everything I could find on her, both in comics and info online. Superman was the first DC character that I loved, and she was everything I looked up to in him and so much more.

Screamers: So do you collect the comics on the character then or figures? Any certain collectible that stands out as a favorite?

Maeden Cosplay: I do have a good amount of her comics, along with figures and some miscellaneous merch like jewelry and art, though I don’t automatically buy everything I can find. There have been eras, story arcs, and characterizations that I don’t agree with and thus am not fond of collecting those. One of my favorites, so much so that I have two of the same issue, is the Supergirl and Team Luthor comic. It’s a story-line I’m (possibly overly) passionate about and one I want to see brought back sometime.


Screamers: So you’re a comic book fan?! Aside from Smallville have you watched Supergirl in anything else? Or even the 1980’s movie of Supergirl. I know some fans consider that a horrid movie.


Maeden Cosplay: I am! They aren’t all with me at the moment (some are still in Florida where I used to live) but I have at least a thousand comics, not counting the various graphic novels and trade paperbacks I also own.

While Smallville is my favorite depiction of her and favorite show in general, I do enjoy her in Justice League Unlimited, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, and Injustice 2. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it’s definitely on my list. I adore Helen Slater and don’t want to pre-judge it. And considering I’m a fan of a lot of things that are widely frowned upon (Prometheus, Jar Jar Binks) or just obscure, I think there’s a good chance I’d enjoy it.

And I do watch the current Supergirl TV series, but I must say I’m not excited about it. There are several characterization and storytelling flaws that take away from my enjoyment of it.


Screamers: Aside from Supergirl, do you have other favorites? Superhero wise that is. I know you mentioned Superman? Any favorite villains? Have you limited your collection to only Super girl? Is it just the DC verse, or are you a fan of Marvel too?


Maeden Cosplay: I adore Batman, though his stark contrast to Superman took some time to grow on me way back when. I’m not sure he’s exactly a “hero”, but my other comic favorite is John Constantine. I’ve collected a lot of the Hellblazer comics and his Justice League Dark appearances. I’m not a fan of the movie, as I feel it’s lacking in showing his true character, but I love Matt Ryan’s portrayal in the current TV universe.

Oh I love my villains. Lex Luthor is my absolute favorite, whether I’m in or out of character. General Zod, Brainiac, Desaad…I do go for the Superman foes. There’s a special place in my heart for Batman’s rogue, Scarecrow, as well. And Deathstroke.

Most of my collectibles are from Smallville as I’ll buy anything related to the show; it’s getting harder and harder to find merch. Apart from that, I’m interested in pretty much everything geeky so I have items from all over the place.

I enjoy Marvel, but I rarely go out of my way for it. I’ve seen most of the movies and shows, and have a few dozen comics, but I’m definitely a DC girl.



Screamers: When you mention General Zod.. I take it you’ve watched both Superman movies with the character having a main role? Which Zod was your favorite, or were you pleased with both characters?

If you were to dress as a villainous character, which character would it be? Or have you already dressed as such a character?


Maeden Cosplay: I really enjoyed both film depictions of Zod and they each had their own draw and merits. Much as I may have my issues with Man of Steel as a whole, I adored Michael Shannon’s portrayal of him and as long as the character is written well, I can’t not like whatever version I’m seeing. But I’ll always go back to Smallville’s Zod being my favorite- I know, big shock there.

I haven’t played the villain yet, but I have a dark Supergirl in the works. Not the one most would expect, though! There are two other villain types in the works but I’m not sure when they’ll be ready.


Screamers: What’s the best advice you can give any fan, just getting into cosplay?


Maeden Cosplay: I would say, it’s not as daunting as it seems. I and pretty much everyone was nervous at the beginning and no one starts off an expert. Hey, I’m no expert myself, and I’m still always trying to revamp and improve my cosplays. But there are always people to welcome you to the community and it’s a great place to be.




Again a Big Thanks to Maeden Cosplay for chatting and sharing her costumes with us! Follow Maeden on Facebook at: Maeden on Youtube: And on Instagram:

You can also follow Maeden at:

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We hope to see you at Retro Con 2017 Maeden!!



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