A Saturday Morning Superhero!


Chatting with another talented friend and cosplayer! Adya Moran and I have known each other for years, and share many common interests! In saying that.. this was such a fun interview! I hope you enjoy it too!


Screamers: You had mentioned last week, that you’re of Shirt Tales, Superfriends and Pac-Man.. That sounds like my Saturday mornings as a kid. Being a cosplay fan, have you ever dressed up as these characters or considered it?

Adya Moran: I had the chance to dress as a version of Super Woman recently. The Shirt Tales and Ms. Pac-Man are on my wish list. I love cosplaying as Mary Marvel from Shazam. Always wanted to dress up as a member of Mr T.’s gymnastics team to be apart of a group cosplay.

Screamers: I can picture you in all of these costumes. The ones that you have made and the ones you’ve dreamed about! Mr. T Gymnastics Team might actually fit in with Retro Con’s theme this year too! Have you ever considered a She-Ra character costume? And do you collect She-Ra or the Jem dolls?

Adya Moran: I have considered cosplaying She-Ra, because I used to watch frequently when I was a kid. Ironically when I was little most of my cousins and I would met up frequently as kids at my grandmother’s house. She had a really fancy newer color tv back then…(lol) and we would catch up on He Man and She-Ra together. But Jem was my favorite. I don’t have any of the dolls from the show but until 7 years ago I still had the old VCR tapes.



Screamers: Now that’s kicking it old school with the VHS tapes! Did you have any of the dolls or figures back then? Anything you enjoy collecting now, as an adult?

Adya Moran: When I was a kid, I used to share a collection of action figures; the The Superfriends with my brother and a few of my cousins. Like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and the Legion of Doom. Now I collect; Superhero Girl action figures, My Little Pony’s Pinky Pie, Princess Tiana, Doc McStuffins, special editions of Barbie Dolls, and Pop figures too! Like Groot, Catbug, Star Wars, and my collection is still growing!

Screamers: Love those classic Superfriends! We actually have quite a few, Tony and I. I know you can say it.. I’m a GEEK!

Pinky Pie’s your favorite pony then? I know Doc McStuffins too, she can fix any toy right?! As for Barbies, are you the type to open or leave sealed? I’m a POP collector too! Out of all of these toys, is there a personal favorite?

Adya Moran: So far most of my collection items are sealed. Sometimes I am very tempted. Lol I must admit that about 1/4 of my Pops are out of the box. Pinky Pie is definitely my favorite Pony! For Doc McStuffins yes she can fix any toy 🙂



Screamers: I’m the same way.. Very much so with my Lego collection! Always wanting to open things up, but I never do. Aside from collecting, let’s shift towards those costumes again, and your talented husband. You and Smoke share a great love for cosplay! Any favorite duo costumes. For example, your Robotech outfits! You two are amazing as Roy and Claudia!

Adya Moran: Thank you. My husband, Smoke and I love all of our team ups. Some of favorite duos are: Black Adam and Mary Marvel, Icon and Rocket, Giant Man and Wasp, Batman and Huntress, Superman and Wonder Woman (from Gods and Monsters). Smoke, is one of the reasons that I’m into cosplay. I always wanted to cosplay before we met, but when we met each other that was one of the main things we talked about most of the time. He encouraged me and helped inspire to do my first coaplay.




Screamers: You two share an amazing hobby and love! Have I asked you if you have a favorite? What’s the most important thing in cosplay? For fans that are just getting into cosplay, any advise Adya?

Adya Moran: My advice to someone who just getting into cosplay, is to do what you love to do first. That’ll keep your interest level going and it will be a sign of encouragement for what you might want to do in the future; and also make sure you surround yourself with positive people, who always encourage it. You’re not always going to get the best of opinions from some people, but always be open to suggestions. If it’ll help move forward with something positive with your cosplay.

Screamers: Any future plans involving your cosplay? Anything you can share?

Adya Moran: Actually I am in the process of updating an existing cosplay. I’m still trying to determine when I can debut it.

Screamers: You’re like Smoke then? Leaving it as a surprise? Aside from that.. Any interesting stories you can share, involving your costumes? Funny moments perhaps?

Adya Moran: Yes 🙂 During an outside photo shoot, we ran out of water and decided to go to the local market. We were dressed as War Machine, SpiderMan, Photon, and another character. We kept getting stares from other customers, but it was hilarious. It took a few minutes, but we realized most shoppers were trying not to stare. One cashier tilted their head sideways and finally figured it out, and said “Oh you guys do the cosplayer comic con thingy.” We said yes.


Screamers: Such a great story! Upon closing this interview.. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Adya Moran: My superpower would be, the power of being able to be cloaked or invisible. I would love to be able to have that power, because I would gather information from all the villains.







I can’t thank you enough Adya! For this amazing interview, and for sharing so many amazing costumes! See you soon at Retro Con 2017!!

– – –

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