Win a Pass to Retro Con 2017!


For those that live in the area.. I’ll be setting up at the Uncanny! Comic book shop, in King of Prussia mall this weekend! [September 2nd from 11:30AM to 3:30PM] I’ll be promoting Retro Con 2017 and giving out a free ticket or two for this year’s convention! I’ll have a drawing later in the day, to decide the winner! I also plan to bring in treats for the kids!

[For a few of my friends that might want show up in costume, it’s been approved! But no masks through the mall.]

For more details on Retro Con 2017 find us on Facebook!


The address to King of Prussia Mall: 160 N Gulph Rd #2322, King of Prussia, PA 19406

A mall map, to make it easier for those that have never been to Uncanny!







Beyond Krypton!


Spotlighting and chatting with another friend, that does a brilliant Supergirl! She’s a huge fan of this heroic character, that happens to be Superman’s cousin! Thanks for chatting with us and sharing so many amazing photos Maeden Cosplay!


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My Favorite Turtle!


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for years! At least three decades now and have morphed many times. But one thing remains the same.. Raphael will always be my favorite. He won me over in the early 90’s, during the first two live action movies! His personality was unforgettable.


Now I ask you. Do you have a favorite? Share your thoughts and these four Heroes in a Half Shell!

Meet the voice of Raphael (From the original series) and Donatello (From the new series) at Retro Con 2017! Retro Con’s Official Facebook Event Page!






My Favorite A-Team Member?!

This is a tough choice I know.. But lets see who’s number one with fans?!


For me.. It’s always been ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock!



For you retro fans!! Retro Con has two new door prizes! 

Mr. T may not be coming to Retro Con 2017, but he’ll be with us in spirit with these latest items we’re adding to the show raffle: A Lego Dimensions A-Team Fun Pack, and Funko Pops B.A. Baracus w/ A-Team van!

Both of these items will be given away on the same draw at the show. Please take a look at more of our raffle items here:



Meet ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock & Templeton Peck ‘Faceman’ at Retro Con 2017!

And pose with the van!


For more information check out: Retro Con’s 2017 Event Page!

Purchase Tickets at: Purchase Retro Con Tickets!




My Favorite ThunderCat Memory!


I’ve been sharing a lot of my favorite Retro Con moments of late. But this, has to be one of my favorite moments! In 2012, we had a Thundercat Reunion! We had three of the original voice actors attend! Larry Kenney [The voice of Lion-o], Peter Newman [The voice of Tygra, my favorite Thundercat. Can you have a crush on a cartoon character? I did!] and Gerrianne Raphael [The voice of Pumyra]! Of course that’s not naming off all of the characters they voiced! But a few of my personal favorites!


My favorite memory! I had dinner with the actors and their families the night before the the show, and at one point Peter had me hide Larry’s dinner plate. Larry was positive it was the waitress, until I started laughing.

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