The Skipper To My Gilligan!

This Spotlight honor’s my dear friend Teri Pope! She also dresses up as The Skipper, whilst I dress up as her Little Buddy Gilligan! We’ve yet to cosplay these two characters together, but we’re always been together in spirit! Teri’s not only a huge fan of Cosplay, she’s also a huge fan of the Autobot character Ironhide! It’s now an honor, to spotlight my dear friend!


(Photo credit on the Tala/Moana one is unknown (random Disney employee. Edit by Trick.)


Screamers: In saying that.. Let’s start with that interview!! How many costumes do you have Teri? Do you have any favorites?

Teri: If you only count the strictly Cosplay costumes, I believe I’ve done about 9 of them. But if I include the Historical Re-enactment clothing and the theatrical costumes I’ve done, probably a few dozen. I’ve been sewing for over 50 years (learned at “Grandma’s knee” sort of thing), and started theatrical costuming in college. Same with the historical costumes. But Cosplay is my current love.

As to favorites, I love all my builds because I only build cosplays that mean something to me. That being said, though, I’m quickly falling in love with Grandma Tala from Moana, because I love the character, she’s so feisty and at ease with herself. But I also love my Steam Punk version of Hawk Girl. I love the character because she is so tough and badass!


(Perry Louie was the photographer on the Hawk Girl pic.)

Screamers: I have to say, you’re spot on as Tala!! Amazing costume, and I love Hawk Girl! Both costumes are brilliant. What originally inspired you to start cosplaying? Have you preformed in Reenactments or Plays, because the clothing sounds exciting!

Teri: Thank you! I started cosplaying at the coaxing of a dear friend (It was Connie BTW). I was frankly sort of burned out on historic sewing at that time, but cosplaying sounded fun. I did a robot build of Dumpson from J-Decker Brave Police. It wasn’t the greatest build at all. IN fact it was pretty cruddy, but I liked the challenge of working with new materials and techniques.

At living history events, none of us really perform. We just spend the weekend recreating life in whatever historic period we’re portraying. But at Renaissance and Dickens Faires, yes, I’ve performed, though mostly as a street performer. I’d love to be on stage more, but apparently I’m not talented enough for that. The clothing for all of these is fun. . . . .but sometimes attitudes of other re-enactors are not very supportive, so that made it less fun for me.


Dumpson from J-Decker Brave Police!


As Queen in the SCA (so about 1983-84)

Screamers: Connie’s a wonderful friend and great inspiration! Dumpson from J-Decker, he’s a robotic character I know. But there’s another Robot that holds you Heart, a country bot, by the name of Ironhide. Can you tell fans about your collection and have you considered dressing up as the character?

I’d love to see some of your Renaissance costumes and maybe someday, we can go to an event together. As for acting, I honestly feel we do it every time we dress up, and you’ve always been brilliant at that!


Teri: Actually I chose Dumpson because he reminded me so much of Ironhide! I love Ironhide for his sense of honor and loyalty. Thats a rare thing nowadays. Also, I tend to be protective of my friends, just like he is. . . . . .and, we both like weapons too! (Part of my job is firing a cannon!) I have a small collection of Ironhide items, just a couple dozen items really, some I acquired and others were gifts, but they mean a lot to me. I have considered building a cosplay of the G1 version of the bot, but I’ve resisted the urge because my robot build skills are not nearly good enough to do justice to a bot that means so much to me. . . . .maybe someday.

I managed to find an old picture of my time as Queen in the SCA (so about 1983-4). I need to get around to scanning a lot of old pics, so kind of limited in what’s available to show. I do a lot of various periods in re-enactment, from Iron Age Celtic to mid 20th century!. . . . It makes for a very odd closet. . . . made even odder by the addition of cosplays.

(Pics: First one is the Elizabethan court dress I made. circa 1560s, No, not singing, I was talking to a crowd. Second Pic is my Dumpson build.)



As a Brilliant Ursula during D23!



Screamers: Ironhide has always been an unforgettable and loving character. I cried when he died in the original movie. Speaking of the eighties, did you watch and collect the Transformers then? How were you first introduced to the line and series? Costume wise, any plans for the future?

Teri: I the 80’s I was an adult (at least chronologically!). I loved animation then too, but for most of us adult animation buffs in the 70’s and 80’s, we saw it as a time when there wasn’t much quality animation being offered. This is what happens when you grow up with things like classic Warner Brothers, Disney, and other cartoons. But that being said, yes, I watched it in the 80’s, a little, but not much. I really came back to the Transformers, and Ironhide, from the Bay-verse movies. (Yep, sorry, I’m one of THOSE people! lol ) I liked them and then found myself talking to other fans and learning about G1 and other series and watching them online. And I’ve never looked back.

Future plans for costumes are sort of in a quandary right now. I’m working on a commission of the Belle ball gown from the live action film, and doing a few upgrades on existing costumes, but after that, I’m not quite sure. I have a few ideas for possible cosplay, like Edna Mode from The Incredibles. But I haven’t committed to anything yet.


Honey Best, aka Mrs Frozone from The Incredibles!


Screamers: I can see where you would have felt that way.. I would have been one of those teens pestering you to much 😉 So you do commissions too?! I would love to see some more of your work sometime. For fans that want to get into cosplay, do you have an advise?

Teri: Hey, I was always happy to teach the younger generation about the finer points of animation. My mom did it for me, and I did it for my kids! I do the occasional commission. But only if its something I really want to do, I took commissions on historic clothes for a while years ago and decided I didn’t like doing it on a regular basis. It was so long ago, I really don’t have any pics, sadly.

Advice for new cosplayers: Do what you love, within your means. NO ONE, and I mean NO one makes a living from cosplay, no matter how it appears! Find characters or costumes you love for some reason, and make the most of it, having fun. Do the obscure character, people will recognize quality, even if they have to ask you who you are cosplaying. But mostly. . . . have fun and pay your rent and bills first!



Happiest of Holidays from Nicholas St North!

Screamers: I agree be responsible first! Then have fun. I think that’s mostly it Teri.. I would ask Autobot or Depecticon, but I think I already know the answer to that! Do you have any Pages or Links, to where fans can follow your projects. And lastly, any interesting or funny moments whilst in cosplay?

Teri: Autobot to the core! You know it! 🙂

My page is @TeriPeaCosplay ( ) Thats the best place to follow me on.

I’ll grab a couple of my collection tonight.

At D23 Expo a couple weeks ago I had a very touching moment. As I was making the Gramma Tala build, I did my best to be respectful of portraying an Asian Pacific Islander, since I’m not of that background. So I researched the clothing of the islands and talked to a friend who’s mother runs a traditional Hula school out here about the clothing of the islands. I also learned a tiny bit about Polynesian dance and culture (kind of a secret pleasure of mine.) Anyway, as I was walking around at D23 Expo, I passed a young man who was Asian Pacific Islander (Samoan or Tongan, I believe) and he told me, “You remind me of my grandma!” It was absolutely the best compliment I could get and I told him that really touched my heart!


Such an amazing interview, with such an amazing selection of costumes! Much love and thanks to my favorite Skipper! -Gilligan aka Screamers!



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