Transforming a Generation! A Shout Out To Jack Angel!


I haven’t spotlighted a favorite talent in a while, and since Jack Angel has always been one of my favorites! He had to be to be a first! If you’ve read his profile on voice chasers, you’ll find he’s worked on everything! He’s a brilliant actor! But I’ve always leaned more towards his Transformer characters.


Jack’s unforgettable as Astrotrain!  “It’s always the same thing. I fly them to points unknown, exhaust all my fuel, and they get to have all the fun.” 

A personal favorite with Astrotrain!


Fans loved him as Smokescreen! “The name is Smokescreen, and I never walk when I can drive.” 


And my personal favorite was always Ultra Magnus! “As I’ve tried to teach you, undisciplined thinking can make even the simplest task impossible.”

If you haven’t read his books you need too, especially if you plan to get into the voice over business! My favorite of the two though, is The Book Of Jack. He takes you through his career! Of late my interest has really shifted towards theater. So it fascinates me that he’s had some lead roles!

jack1 jack2

To buy those books go to: Jack Angel’s Book Store!


Follow Jack and his many projects at:

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