A Truly Outrageous Fan!


Tamiko dressed and honoring her favorite Autobot, Wheeljack!


Tamiko Rockin’ It Out as Jem!

Keeping up with my Spotlights, I now interview a dear friend, that’s become like a sister to me! Like myself, my friend Tamiko is a huge fan of Jem and the Holograms! She collects these Truly Outrageous dolls, among many other things! Aside from collecting, she has an amazing amount of costumes!

I now share that amazing interview along with pictures!!


Who you gonna call? Tamiko dressed as a Ghostbuster, and showing her love for The Transformers!!

Scream: We’ve been friends/sisters for quite sometime Tamiko. I’ve seen your costumes and your collections. But what’s your personal favorite? Which costume strikes your fancy the most? How many costumes do you have? I can only imagine the reply to this one Because again I’ve seen your collection!

Tamiko: My favorite costume is Lady Ranicorn from Adventure Time. I built it from scratch, all yarn and tulle. I have around 30 costumes. From Disney to Marvel to homemade Transformer human former costumes. I love my new Moana costume I am premiering at D23 this year and an updated Ariel costume! I have a Jem costume that I put together that I love and have a Shana costume I haven’t worn yet.

As Lady Ranicorn!

Scream: I remember that Megaton costume! I love it! Speaking of Shana and Jem, you not only cosplay these characters. You collect the dolls too! Can you tell fans more about your collection?

Tamiko: I have four Jem dolls, but I collect Barbies and Lego friends sets. I love the Disney Princess Lego series. I have mostly ethnic Barbies. Whenever I am at the second hand store, close out stores or just toy shopping I always barbies of various ethnicities. I’m part Japanese, Native American and black so I look for dolls that represent who I am.

Scream: I know you’re also quite the fan of Harry Potter. Do you have personal favorites, I mean character wise?

Tamiko: I love Hermine Granger. She is Gryfinndor but has Ravenclaw traits. I can relate to her the most. Snape is another fave of mine too.

Tamiko’s Human Megatron, from Botcon 2014!



Tamiko chillin’ with friends as Luigi!


Scream: I’d love to see a picture of your collection sometime! I have a few babies myself, but mostly from the seventies and eighties. Do you have a personal favorite among all of these dolls? On Lego sets, do you have a personal favorite? And are you the type to leave sealed, or open and play with?

Harry Potter wise, you also have costumes centering on that verse right? And you’re part of a club? Don’t mind how random the questions. You and I are a lot alike. We both have many different things we love and enjoy! We have a passion for those things, and it shows not only in our costumes, but our collections. Also through the conventions and groups we’re a part of!

Tamiko: Of the dolls I love my Japanese Barbie! She is still in the box. Not part of a Harry Potter club but I do have a Gryffindor student costume, I crocheted the scarf myself.

Yes we are a lot alike! I’m a big kid! Love having fun! I got an annual pass to Disneyland in so Cal and I go once a week! Always a blast! Getting into more marvel and Disney characters.



Scream: Sounds like a beautiful doll! Any dolls on your wish list? [For some reason I thought there was a club too. It was a group shot of you with some of your Harry Potter friends. But then it could have just been a gathering.] Speaking of that scarf.. What house are you in? And what’s your favorite house? I’m guessing Gryffindor? Are you planning any new Marvel and Disney costumes?

Tamiko: I went to a Harry Potter themed birthday party. Yes I was sorted into Gryfinndor, took the Pottermore test. No dolls on my wishlist now as I am focusing on collecting Lego friends sets. I am working on an Iridessa Disney Fairy costume.


Tamiko in one of her Disney dresses at Disney!

Scream: That’s where I thought it was a club. It was a birthday party! I loved that theme! Legos are very addictive I know. Now that I’ve mentioned Harry Potter.. It’s something we both love. I’m gonna shift towards the Retro stuff. I love your Megatron costume! Do you have a favorite Transformer and have you cosplayed as other characters from the Transformers verse? [Of course I know the answer to that, I love that Prowl shirt you sent me so long ago!]

Tamiko: Wheeljack is my fave Autobot and Megatron is my fave Decepticon. 2011 was the year I wore my Wheeljack Human Former Costume. I wore a Prowl Human Former costume for Botcon 2012 and that was a personal fave! I had a great time with that one! I wore a Human Former Hound for Bot Con 2013! I don’t have the talent for Robot Builds, but I show my love by wearing an outfit that pays tribute To an Autobot or Decepticon I love!


Scream: You always show the love, especially when it comes to Transformers! Speaking of your other costumes that are Retro Related, you also have a Ghostbuster, a Gremlin and a Mario related one right? [It was Mario right?] Retro wise, are you planning any other costume? And if you were to do another Transformer, whom would it be?

Tamiko: Yes I dressed up as Gizmo. I was thinking of doing Alpha Trion if I ever do another transformer.


Dressed as Gizmo with Cheetara!

Scream: Aside from Trion, is there any other costume that you haven’t done, but would love to do someday?

Tamiko: There are a lot of costumes I want to do one day. Time is a factor! Because if life and work takes up so much time. I would love to do princess Tiana and Photon someday! I did old school comic Falcon and that was fun! I did a ninja turtle group cosplay! I love Donatello!  The turtle ensemble was 2015 LA Comic Con!

In closing a few more pictures of Tamiko and Teri Pope during D23 this past weekend! 


These two looked amazing as Ariel and Ursula!


Teri and Tamiko, thinking of this Blogger! Your Gilligan loves you both!
Thanks again for an amazing interview Tamiko!! You’re A Truly Outrageous!
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