Becoming a Super Fan!




Pictured with Treat! At Retro Con!

Designing a Retro blog, that centers on the fans and collecting, can be exciting and cool! Especially when you have so many talented friends! In saying that.. I spotlight my friend Treat! He’s costumed many characters including: The Thundercat’s villain Mumm-ra, Doctor Who and The Goblin King from Labyrinth! Of course I’m only naming a few.. I’ll let Trick tell the rest, in this fun little interview.



Scream: Having known you for years Treat, I know just how geeky you can be! I of course say that in a good way. But if you had to pick just one favorite what would be it? [Movies, television shows, etc?]

Counting costumes, how many do you have and is there a favorite?

Treat: Movies are my favorite. Any great movie that allows me to escape for a couple hours from the some of the madness that’s happening in the world these days. I have so many favorites! But if I had to list a couple it would be The Empire Strikes Back and Tim Burton’s first Batman. I have about a dozen or so. I have 4 favorites. My Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Jack Harness, My Batman and my 10th Doctor costume.



Scream: Jack Sparrow and Batman, I’m sure were inspired by those movies. But how long have you been a Doctor Who fan? Have you watched the complete series? Of the dozen.. I’ve seen your Goblin King, Mumm-ra, and Rick from Walking Dead. But you’re also a Joe fan right?! You have a Dreadnok costume right?

Treat: Yes I have a Dreadnok Zandar as well GIJOE Tunnel Rat.



Scream:  That’s how we first met, wasn’t it? Through G.I. Joe?

Treat: Yes we first met at the Baltimore comic con and I was dressed as Zandar and you happened to be dressed as Zarrana!

Scream: So do you collect the toys? And speaking of toys, let’s go into collections. Aside from costumes, can you tell fans more about yourself.

Treat: My collection consists of toys from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s etc. Transformers, GIJOE, Thundercats, Star Wars, 66 Batman, Ghostbusters, WWF and more. I also have a collection of old video game consoles such as the Atari 7800, Nintendo Nes, Sega Genesis to name a few.

I’m a movie fanatic as you may know I have an extensive collection of 100’s of DVDs and Blu-ray. I attended 3 years of schooling in the commercial arts and I somehow ended up working for the PA HOUSE Of REPRESENTATIVES LOL! Where I work for the Chief Clerks office. I’m very outgoing, I can pretty much strike up a conversation with anyone.

I met so many people through the convention scene. Some I definitely consider family. I’m also be lucky to become friends with some of my childhood idols. One in particular the amazing and very talented Larry Kenney known for be the voice actor who portrayed Lion-O from Thundercats! But you know that because you were kind enough to introduce me to him.

I Love The Cosplay Community, I Treasure Halloween! I put my loved ones first before me, I love having a great time out with friends, Attending Cons or just Dropping by the local Comic Shop. I love drawing and putting together costumes. I love the days, when I get to escape reality for a mere couple hours. Or make that special person smile!


Treat and our good friend Smoke team up for some Thundercat fun!

Morphin Time!


Scream: You have an amazing collection of toys, movies and costumes then?! When did you first start attending conventions, and what was your first convention costume? Name your favorite conventions? And why?

Treat: My first Convention I attended was in 2008 and it was the New York Comic Con. It was there that I fell in love with the Cosplay community. I Cosplayed for the first time the following year as Heath Ledger’s Joker. The highlight of that convention was me meeting Jerry Robinson the creator of The Joker. He was so kind that he took a pic with me and signed my shirt. And asked for nothing in return. I’ll always remember that.





My favorite Conventions are the Nycc, The Baltimore Comic Con and Retro Con in no particular order. The reasons? New York because of the city itself! Mainly Times Square. Baltimore’s is a second home to me because my father’s side of the family is from there. It brings back memories of my Father taking me to the inner harbor for the day and it was there that he bought me my first Transformers comic book. Retro Con is my Extended Family Reunion. I love the family feeling atmosphere there. It’s definitely feels like a homecoming every year there. I have met and connected with so many wonderful people!

Scream: Since we’ve already got some many amazing pictures and goodies to share Treat. I’ll ask but a few more questions. Any plans for another costume, and if so.. any hints?

Treat: Next costume is “More Than Meets The Eye”


With some incredible talents, The original Thundercats!  Peter Newman, Gerrianne Raphael and Larry Kenney!


Treat with Larry Kenney, Lord of the Thundercats!


Scream: What’s your favorite Video Game?

Treat: Favorite video game is the original Ms Pacman.


Treat as the Goblin King!



Treat with his Retro Con family!








Hitting some serious Nerd questions! 



Scream: Atari, NES or Saga? If you could choose only one?

Treat: Atari


Scream: Autobot or Decepticon?

Treat: Tie



Scream: Joe or Cobra?

Treat: Cobra


Scream: Rebel or Empire?

Treat: Rebel



Scream: I’m having to much fun with that In closing.. Marvel or DC?

Treat: D.C.



Again, Thanks so much for this incredible interview Treat!! More goodies to be posted soon!

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