Remembering Wally Burr


Wally Burr, Neil Ross, Gregg Berger, Dan Gilvezan, Paul Eiding and David Mendenhall; during the 25th anniversary movie showing of Transformers.

It was heartbreaking hearing of Wally Burr’s death recently. Before his illness, Wally and I had spoke many times.. Of course in recent years I had slacked off, having a sick father myself. But I never forgot our friendship or the fond memories. In saying that.. I thought I’d share some personal memories. I’ll always remember you Wally.

A wonderful memory of Wally Burr, during Transformers the Movie 25th Anniversary! He’ll always be remembered.. Greg Berger, Neil Ross, Paul Eiding, Dan Gilvezan and David Mendenhall joined Wally, sharing personal memories!

Wally always had so many wonderful stories.

This was an interview I had with him several years back.

Part two of that interview.

Wally Burr On Scatman Crothers.

Always remember you Wally. I’ll miss you. -Rose

Wally Burr passes away – Transformers News – TFW2005

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