Doing it with Style!



“Do it with Style or don’t bother doing it!” That was the motto of the Second in Command and First Lieutenant of the Autobot’s, Jazz. He’s always been a fan favorite! But there’s one fan I know, that has always gone the extra Autobot mile, to show her love and appreciation! That’s my friend Jazzy!

Not only does she have a massive Jazz collection, and a awesome tattoo of the character. She now becomes this well loved character in cosplay! It truly is an honor to spotlight and interview this amazing fan and friend!


Screamers: Being friends for quite sometime, I know of your Jazz collection. If I remember right, you even have a Scatman Crothers autograph? When did your collecting shift into these amazing costumes?

When and how were you first introduced to Transformers? What was it about Jazz, that impressed you so?

Jazzy: Yes, I have an autographed lithograph of Hong Kong Phooey by none other than Scatman. It was a gift from a friend who knows my love of the man. I started to want to build costumes about 5 years ago after meeting you to be exact. Seeing you and some other mutual friends having fun dressed up. And if I remember correctly, it was on a dare with you and our friend Krystal. I joked about finding a character to fit my build and only one fits that…..Cosmos…short and round. And you dared me to make him. So I did.

I always love robots. Grew up with loving them so when Transformers started I was hooked. Now, as a small child my favorite cartoon was Hong Kong Phooey. Something about Scatman voice always intrigued me. When I heard that voice coming out of that white Porsche. I was done for. I remember seeing the real number 4 Porsche 934 turbo race at Watkins Glenn NY and I loved the car. So here I had my favorite voice and my favorite car combined. I was in heaven. The personality of Jazz touched me too. He became my hero. And that stuck with me even until today.


Jazzy in her Cosmos costume!

Screamers: So it was Scatman, even before Jazz? I remember that dare. Aside from the costumes, you have quite the collection. Is it mainly Jazz goodies? How many robots do you own? Costume wise, which costume was the most challenging? And do you have a favorite?

Jazzy: It’s mainly robots.. But Jazz is the one I try to keep complete. Well, him and my other obsession, GaoGaiGar stuff. Always looking for something I don’t have, which really isn’t much anymore. There is only one item I don’t have and I stumbled across it twice and didn’t have the money. But at last count I was over 3000 toy robots ranging from Transformers to Gundam. I have had to slow down since I moved as I don’t have the room anymore.

The most challenging costume for me was…Jazz. it was not the complexity of him, but the sentimental. He had to be just so. I wanted to pay tribute to him with dignity and respect, yet still add my own flare to him. My Gundam, Bakunetsumaru had to be the overall hardest to build. He is just a crazy complex little Gundam.


Jazzy’s SD Gundam Bakunetsumaru from SD Gundam Force!

Screamers: Switching gears.. What was your inspiration for Krampus and Ant Girl? Is it easier to wear these two costumes over your robotic ones? I know a lot about Transformers.. But can you share a bit more on GaoGaiGar? Tell us more about your collection and the robotic costumes you’ve made that aren’t Transformer related?

Jazzy: Krampus, I just love the history of him. Going back thousands of years, the punished of the naughty. I have never enjoyed the Christmas holiday. For personal reasons, but when I learned of the Krampus, I was intrigued. I studied him for over a year before making the costume. Attending a Krampus event was the most fun and we raised a lot of toys for charity doing it. Ant Girl was just something I wanted to try, stepping away from the robots and doing a hero. I love Ant Man but I wasn’t comfortable doing him so I invented her. I can’t say either is easier than the robots to wear though, between the fur suit and a corset, I rather be a robot.

I have always enjoyed all aspects of robot animation. Mazinger, Tetsujin ( Gigantor,) Gundam. And Yuusha. Gaogaigar falls into the Yuusha category. A group of mecha anime that are actually a joint effort from Sunrise (Gundam) and Takara in the 90s..they are cousins, basically, to Transformers. There was shared designs, toys, artists. I found the toys beautiful, some of which are being reproduced in the Super Robot Chogokin and Soul of Chogokin lines. When I watched GaoGaiGar, it stuck with me. I really liked a secondary character ChoRyuJin.basically a symmetrically docked gestalt. He was fearless, self sacrificing and always had his teammates back. I liked him so much I built him.

Currently I am doing some upgrades to Jazz so he has some more style at Retrocon. But I am actually planning another Transformer, one that no one has done that I know of, and probably a Metabot


Jazzy as Krampus!

Screamers: So ChoRyuJin, is actually from the nineties then? I’ve seen that costume, and the detail that’s went into it is amazing! When you mention characters like Mazinger, do you remember the Shogun Warriors from the seventies?

Jazzy: Ahhh! Shoguns! I love them! I did try to build one, a little SD version of Shin Getter One. But sadly, the community did not understand what I was going for with the costume and I ended up being horribly fat shamed on the internet. I loved Shoguns. I have many shows on DVD and collect the toys. One of my pride and Joy is my MISB original Talking Mazinger.

I loved how many they remade many of the Shoguns, modernizing the shows and released them. I keeps them alive. The recent Gaiking was fun to watch.



Jazzy as ChoRyuJin!

Screamers: I can’t wait to see Jazz at Retro Con! You plan to wear him to the concert too, right? Knowing Jazz.. He wouldn’t miss a concert! Can you tell us more Metabot? I remember Shogun Warriors too, mainly because of my uncle Joe.. He had Raydeen. He never let me play with it, said it wasn’t a toy. Now Tony and I have most of the Warriors. You’re right, the popularity in these characters, continues strong.

Now for fans that would like to design their own robotic costumes. Can you offer an advise?

Jazzy:  I have been thinking the world needs more Metabots. And I have started designs on a Metabee. Though it may be awhile before I make him as I am working on a secret project for RetroCon. But that I am not telling.

For anyone who has never built a robot costume, I suggest picking a character you love, because you will be spending a lot of time with it. Start simple using cardboard and tape. Don’t be afraid to fail. Some of my costumes are on their second and third rebuilds.

You don’t have to build huge elaborate costumes. You can use markers and crayons on cardboard and as long as you are having fun. That is what matters. One of my all time favorite costumes was a cardboard Predaking a kid made. You could tell he put his heart and soul into it.


Jazzy as Powerglide!


Screamers: I’ve always loved Metabots! Rokusho and Brass, were my two favorites! And I can’t wait to see your Metabee! A special project for Retro Con, now you have me curious?! We’ll have to get lots of pictures together too! When it comes to building costumes, I totally agree. The most important thing, is to have fun with it!

In closing.. Do you have a fan page Jazzy, or anything else you’d like to share with the readers of this blog?

Jazzy: I do have a page, I took it down for awhile when I was dealing with some stuff, it will be back up soon. I can be found at Connie’s Mecha Cosplay on facebook or conniejazzyfoofoo on instagram.

I like to usually post progress pictures to help others learn how to build. Teaching others is something I enjoy and I never mind having people come up and ask. In fact I welcome it.

Screamers: I’ll for sure link those pages off this blog/interview then! So you not only making amazing costumes, you try and help others with their robotic dreams? I can’t thank you enough for this interview Jazzy! I can’t wait to see you in a few months and get a real Jazzy hug!

Jazzy: Yes I do. I have hosted a couple panels on it. Beginners guide to building robots… On a budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune to build awesome. Absolutely, love my Screamers hugs!


A Big Thanks to Jazzy once more, for an amazing interview! Lots of love and I’ll see you soon Retro Con Jazzy!!


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