The Skipper To My Gilligan!

This Spotlight honor’s my dear friend Teri Pope! She also dresses up as The Skipper, whilst I dress up as her Little Buddy Gilligan! We’ve yet to cosplay these two characters together, but we’re always been together in spirit! Teri’s not only a huge fan of Cosplay, she’s also a huge fan of the Autobot character Ironhide! It’s now an honor, to spotlight my dear friend!


(Photo credit on the Tala/Moana one is unknown (random Disney employee. Edit by Trick.)

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Transforming Art!



Who better to head this blog, then Optimus Prime himself!

Transforming Art into something amazing! Spotlighting another brilliant artist! Terry Huddleston does more then just Transformers of course, but I’ve always leaned more towards those Bots and Cons! To see more, follow Terry at:


Followed by the leader of the Decepticons!

If you’re a Transformers fan.. I’m sure you’ll know each of the following characters by name! Again brilliant art Terry Huddleston and thanks for sharing!

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