Dance Magic Dance

Alexie Star Cosplay and Elliott’s Cosplay take you through The Labyrinth as Sarah and Jareth! Since I’m starting anew with these blogs! I had to spotlight these two, I love The Labyrinth! Many more goodies to come, and I have many friends I plan to spotlight soon! Enjoy!


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Going Retro!!

For those that don’t know me. I’m a nerd girl that happened to grow up in the eighties. Having fond memories of dropping countless quarters in the arcade machines, at the roller rink. I love sharing memories of seeing Back to the Future, Gremlins, RoboCop and so many other great movies of that time period. Like you might have seen on my Sherlock fans page, I plan to make this page all about the fans! Sharing: Interviews! Art! Costumes! & Much More! This is just the start of it!

For you Retro Fans! Have I got the convention for you! Retro Con 2017! For more information go to!

For blogging ideas or if you’d like to be Interviewed/Spotlighted contact me at

Now for something fun! For all my new friends.. A look back at some of my costumes throughout the years!



The Wild Bunch! During Joe Con 2012, I had spent several evenings in the company of both Will Ryan [The voice of Mutt and Footloose from G.I. Joe] & Neil Ross [The voice of Shipwreak from G.I. Joe & the voice of many Transformer characters, such as Springer, Hook and others]. Anyhow during one of those evenings I talked the boys into getting a photo with me western style, what a gas that was and so much fun!